Sunday, June 8, 2014

Up for a Cruise??? and other news

Yes, I've been asked to teach again for Stitchin' Heaven on their Civil War Cruise in 2015!
I can't wait. I enjoy cruising anyway, but combining it with quilting...what could be better???
Three great teachers are joining me...Connie Tesene of Country Threads and 
Sarah Maxwell and Delores Smith of Homestead Hearth.
Please read all about our cruise here and all about the teachers and our classes.
3 port of call....Falmouth, Jamaica...George Town, Grand Cayman...Cozumel.
Sewing time, great teachers, great food, the OCEAN, excursions, shows, and more!
Would you like to join me!
If you would, please mention my name when you register...I'll get a little bonus when you do.

Ok, been a while since returning from quilt market...the report is good...still seeing lots of reproduction fabrics for my style of quilting. Moda's newest Collection for a Cause is awesome.
This is part of the antique quilt they used as inspiration.

Edyta's newest collection, Heart's Content, was another standout for me.
Look ant the polka dots!  love them.

And, my dear friends from The Quilted Crow in Australia are designing
cotton prints and gorgeous WOOL for Marcus Fabrics!!! 
Way to go CROWS!
 Just look at their cute booth!

Jo Morton's Haberdashery and Melodies, will be coming soon. Saw Caswell County too for November...really pretty. Check them out on Andover's website...I forgot to take photos.

Had one day (Wednesday) of fun shop hopping near Pittsburgh, thanks Laura Kay for an awesome day with you, Wendy and Penny.

Penny at the Drive thru at Kimberley's Quilt Shop, yes, a former can place an order 
and drive thru to pick it up! SWEET!

another shop....home of Pineapple Papers.

And then Fun with friends...
 Leonie (Crow)  on the right, teaching instragram to to Wendy and Laura Kay.
  Deirdre (Crow) and I, playing with selfies. I think my eyes are closed.

Schoolhouse was informative as always. Learned about this awesome book, similar to Nearly Insane, could be called Might as Well go Nuts, but wisely went with Making the Lancaster Diamond Sampler.
I scored a signed copy.

Visited with Jo and Cathy Cardiff. Cathy has a new pincushion book coming...
looking forward to that!

And, yes I did work on the book while in Pittsburgh Tuesday afternoon, before Market started Thursday.
The book is in the hands of the tech editor right now.

Until next time....think Cruise!
My best to you!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Ready to shoot ???

Guess I'm ready, as ready as possible. Remains of cutting and sewing...
Bindings to sew in the car...
Props to pack...
Suitcases and tubs to fill...

Hudson, moping, trying to figure out how to get in the bags. 

Until next time~Betsy

PS-trying to blog from the phone...hope it works. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wondering where I've been?

Wondering where I've been?  No, this isn't my broken leg but my daughter's. Long story. Too much going on at a time when I'm knee deep in book deadlines.  But MOM has to be MOM.

Ok the story...Rachel caught that really bad virus that has been going around. Was in the shower and got really sick, fainted and fell out the shower door. NO cuts, door didn't break, but her leg did. Both bones, right above the ankle. Poor thing went two weeks before getting in to see the surgeon. In the meantime, her husband and I got the virus...omg, not been that sick in a very long time.
Now Madison wasn't sick and went to day care thank goodness! She saved being sick for right before surgery.

All hands on deck to care for Rachel and little Madison. Of course faithful kitties, Fenway and Wrigley have been Rachel's side offering moral support.

Surgery was Wednesday. I stayed Tuesday night to take care of Madison the next day. Don't let the cute sleeping baby fool you...NO one slept well that night...
Craig (daddy) is totally exhausted.

So Craig tells this story after surgery, in recovery....

Rachel told the nurse, "don't worry, Fenway and Wrigley are outside with the limo to take me home. Fenway is my chauffeur."  Nurse asks who Fenway and Wrigley are. Rachel says "my cats, of course, who else would drive me around?"
[see cats above]
Good drugs! I love that story.

Wish I had other wonderful my fabric line is ready, but it hasn't been printed to my knowledge.  :-(  

I did teach a Bird Trap workshop to a great group of ladies at Green Briar retreat center earlier this month.

I am busy writing and completing projects for the next book. check out the color palette. Can't show much to you, hush, hush, you know.

Better get back to writing...

Until next time,

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello 2014

Happy New Year to You!
New year, new beginnings....resolutions?
I don't know about you, but I resolve not to make resolutions this year.  This is an experiment to see if possibly NOT making resolutions just might make a change in my life.  Ha! you can stop laughing, but you know what I mean...they don't work, at least for me. I need to exercise, need to walk more, need to eat less, need to eat healthier, need to clean the sewing room and keep it clean and tidy....a long 'need to' list. Oh, I could add, need to blog more.
What I'd like instead might be a change in mind set.  I'm pretty good with deadlines. So why can't I set a deadline to stop 'whatever' and take care of my needs. I think it is called, 'putting me first' and I haven't done that in SO long that I don't know how.   Maybe I should get a life coach, or a wife, Ha!, to make me behave and stick to an agenda.
If all this sounds familiar, join the club.  Ok, I'll quit whining.
I've spent a fair amount of time this holiday season reflecting, vacillating between sadness and elation. Departures and arrivals of loved ones will do that.  Having baby Madison at Christmas was a blessing and a joy. She put the twinkle back in my eye. Can you see me smiling?
Madison, Christmas morning, just a bit tired of opening gifts.
I love old postcards.
Until next time...
Sew more, laugh more, love more.
Above all, be happy.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Blessings

Ok, I'm a little late sending a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, so here's a day late wish that you all had a wonderful day, counting your blessings and giving thanks. Simple to say, easier still to feel in your heart and in my heart as I give thanks for all my friends and family near and far. Every day I feel so blessed to know so many wonderful people.
A new blessing arrived November 19 in the form of a darling and healthy baby girl, Madison Marie. Here are my beautiful girls.
So I'm a proud grandmother.
and so proud of my daughter, Rachel
and Matt is the proud uncle
Madison's room
I made a few quilts. and sheets, and changing pad covers, and a dust ruffle. :-)
During this holiday season, treasure time spent with family and friends; I know I will.
Until next time ~
my best to all of you

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Back from Quilt Market

I know I promised to write more often. Insert big sigh here. Things get away from me....excuses, I apologize.

I'm pretty bad at taking pictures, I forget.   Here are my favorite quilts from Houston. Blurry, taken with my phone which is out of date...note to self: contract is up...Go get a NEW one!
It is sideways, but looked the same if rotated.

wonderful for Fall

the Cow says BOO...I love it!

Awesome!!! Hand quilted, Australian quilter...Viewer's Choice and 1st Place.
Next time...better photos...
Catherine's Courtyard 
I was quite happy to see my line in the Newcastle Fabric booth. You can see the line by going to this link.  Two aqua raindrop prints are shown, don't know why, we will only have one. I had the line ready at Spring Market and then it finally appeared online the Friday of Fall Market. Still wondering why it took so long?
I had great plans for a Quilt Market/Houston vacation. The trip and getting away were good, but maybe a working vacation is not what I need.  Seeing good friends only once or twice a year and reconnecting was wonderful, as was keeping up with business contacts. I ordered lots of lovely reproduction fabrics for the store and have gotten very excited about the Crossroads line of denim used in the creations of Amy Barickman for Indygo Junction.  Yes, I'm going to make some garments! I especially like the jackets. Can't decide which one to make first...ok, I have time, fabric hasn't arrived yet.
Fall has come to North Texas. Leaves are aren't turning much, we don't have the wonderful color, that other parts of the country enjoy. Our changes won't appear until nearly Christmas, when few leaves are left to turn! We have had a good bit of rain and the air is cooler.
I'm almost ready to start a new page. I've been talking about this for quite a while. There is a contract on my parents house and my first granddaughter is due really soon. I need to renew, energize and focus. While I'll always miss my folks, I won't be miss the burden of caring for their house. UGH!
Wish me luck as hopefully the contract goes through and baby arrives safely.
YES, a new page will open. Stay tuned. I've bought the journal!
Now to go bind 2 baby quilts, make one more changing pad cover and one more sheet.
Until next time~

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In the Pink

I am teaching these two quilts below at Happiness is Quilting in a couple of weeks and I'm thinking, both are PINK!
Pink fabrics were so plentiful in the 1800's you can hardly find a scrappy antique quilt that doesn't have pink as the setting or at least in the blocks.
Personally. I love pink. Somehow double pinks just 'set off' the other colors.
It is a happy color, don't you think?
Both quilts are in Lizzie's Legacy. The first, I called The Lounge Quilt as an illustration for the journals entries of one chapter. It's a comfortable quilt, very utilitarian as Lizzie would have intended, to serve as a bedcover for guests.
The second quilt is a perfect baby quilt, a cradle quilt as Lizzie called quilts for the babies.
I named the quilt Twist and Spin for all the many references in her journals to endless hours and days spent at the spinning wheel.
Look at how different the pinks are.

A few of my antique quilts with pink fabrics.

I barely turned to grab the camera....

Molly says, "YES, antique quilts for me!"
I'm working on baby quilts now. NOT pink for my granddaughter that is
due in November, but purple!
So many choices for patterns, tons of fabrics in the stash, what to make???
I'll post what I make at a later date.
Come sew with me!
I need to get organized, don't laugh too hard, and have my calendar available with speaking and teaching engagements here on the blog. One step at a time. Mom's house is nearly cleaned out and that is a good thing.  What is not so good is that much of it is HERE. I had a hard time letting things go in the estate sale and now face an even harder time finding a place for what I've brought home.
The house is getting smaller and smaller. Too much furniture, too much fabric, and not enough room.
Just need a new house!
Until next time ~