Sunday, October 14, 2012

Some Twinkle Time

One of my friends told a while back in a very sweet note to find a way to get my 'twinkle' back....
Stress sure has a way of dimming one's 'twinkle'.

Nothing lifts my spirits more than playing with my Halloween collection...twinkle, twinkle!
I like black cats.
They make me smile.

Winston made an appearance.....hated to tell him he was in the wrong collection.

I move things around each year, add new treasures, fun!

Fall, October especially makes me happy. I'll show more another day.
now a pillowcase update....
62 and counting!
Thanks to Marilyn who made 15! Plus Mary Jane, Barbara B, Barbara C, Patty, Karen, Brigid, Gloria and a mystery stitcher who made multiples as well!
Thank you all!
Until next time,


  1. Just love that little cradle and with your little quilt in there just adorable. Happy Halloween

  2. Great Halloween decorating; can't wait to see more. I like the cradle quilt, too - simple, but just perfect.

  3. I like that, find a way to get you twinkle back, we do go through those times when we don't shine. I see black cats in all forms make you twinkle. Congrats on the pillowcases, who are they for. I used to make 20 a month for Pillows of Love.