Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lizzie's Legacy

My books arrived and my quilts came home.
13 quilts and a pincushion, which you can barely see on top.

One of my friends wrote this to me, "Congrats on the birthin' of this baby,
I know it was a long labor for you."
How true!
You can preview the book here at the Kansas City Star Pickledish Store.
Hope you like it.
I feel free to a certain know how it is when you finish a project and you are so happy with your project, and so glad to be done, you can't wait to start something new,
but you can't decide on what to do!
That is me to a tee these days.  I have time to plan, to sew, to work, but again, on what???
I'm busy with my mom and her care, hand sewing at her house in the evenings. When I'm there with her during the day, I'm cleaning her closets and, ugh, the garage. My parents saved everything from their 72 year marriage, and I do mean everything!
During the day when I'm at home, well, I dart from one quilting thing to another. Lizzie would have called it, "knocking around"; I call it "messing around", but the meaning is the same...busy with a whole lot but nothing accomplished! Maybe it is just a lack of focus. The one thing I haven't done with my free time is clean the sewing room....too depressing a thought.  Yet, I know one of these days the mood will hit me and I'll tackle that awful, jam-packed room!
Until next time,


  1. That is a gorgeous stack of quilts and I'm so excited about the new book. I'm heading over to pickledish to preview!! Congratulations once again. I love every book:-)

  2. Can't wait to see the book - I know it's going to be great, just as your others are!!

  3. congrats I I am so happy for you and I just can't wait to see the book , I know how this has been a long journey this time writing this book!
    ok so you have a few weeks off hope your now working on the next one :) I am waiting patiently (NOT REALLY) for the little quilt book...

  4. Congratulations on the publication of your new book, I'm anxious to see it. As with all your books,I'm sure to love it. Maybe you just need a little quilting break

  5. Hi Betsy,
    Congratulations on the new book. Can't wait to get my hands on it, and see what has kept you so very busy these past few months!!

  6. Congratulations, Betsy! The book looks wonderful and I can't wait to get it. You are so fortunate to have the journal of your GGM. I love my Gone to Texas quilt and get a lot of complements on it.

  7. Congratulations, Betsy! I am looking forward to getting a copy soon - the quilt shop where I teach always gets the new Kansas City Star books so it should be there soon. I know it will be wonderful reading.

    Mary Ann

  8. Congratulations Betsy ! If it is anything like the others I will adore it ! Enjoy your break, it's ok to not focus for a while .....
    Off to preview the book

  9. Hi Betsy! I am so proud for you and your wonderful new book. Can't wait to get it at Lone Star House of quilts! I too am kind of at loose ends...don't know what to concentrate on next!

  10. Congratulations, Betsy. I am sure your latest book is another winner. The quilts are spectacular. I must confess I haven't checked your blog in several months. Beginning in October we started packing for yet another move...this time for good. We built a home in Providence Village, TX near Denton and moved on January 4, 2013. I will check the local quilt shops for your book ASAP. Hope to make it down to Lone Star soon.
    Bertha Mallard

  11. What a wonderful book with really great quilts. It's hard to pick a favorite. One quilt I would really like to do is the little mini-Selling Butter. I have looked all over for the blue and orange/gold fabrics and I haven't been able to find anything close. Could/would you please share what the fabric line is? Thank you so much!

  12. Betsy I cannot wait for my copy to arrive in the mail soon. Love all your books and your fabric and your quilts.I guess I am a little bit here and a little bit there type of person and my sewing room is what you would call a creative hug.
    Cheers from Oz

  13. I love the look of this book!

  14. Hallo Betsy. I've just purchased this book - and I love it! Want to make most of the quilts in there. I hope you will soon be able to stitch and write again ... or what about designing a new fabric collection? We desperately need a madder fabric collection outthere if we want to replica Lizzies quilts. Hugs from Helene in Denmark