Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Happy BlockHeads3 Wednesday! Block 7 by Lissa Alexander

Happy Wednesday!!!
How are you all doing this week 7 of BlockHeads3? 
Are you keeping up?  Are you making extra blocks in every size? 
Most importantly, are you having fun???
I love making blocks.
 I got a little carried away this week, and made several of Lissa Alexander's block 7...Zest.
I have lots of photos today.

Here is one version of Zest...

This the 4" version.

Please CLICK HERE  for Lissa'a pattern, Zest.

Then I decided I wanted more...and so there were 4 - 4" blocks!

Then, I thought would they be cute with the 4" LOVE block I made for Brigitte's block...

Darling, if I do say so myself.

I LOVE this photo.

Then, I thought wouldn't the heart be cute in 2" finished....4 of these make a 4" finished block.
So, I grabbed some scraps.
Oh goodness, too cute.
Ideas, ideas.  I do love to play...a coaster, a pincushion....a ???

And here is the growing stack.

and now this is an 8" block!

Have fun with Zest! 

Until next time,
~  Betsy

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