Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Week 30 Moda BlockHeads3 Ring Around by Corey Yoder

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Week 29 Ring Around is by Corey Yoder.

I made this sweet block in 2 sizes, 4" and 8" and because I am easily bored and have to add new fabrics, I pulled some scraps from making Market quilts for Elinore's Endeavor.
Elinor will be available in shops in November.

In the above photo, the yellow is from Sarah's Story and the rest from Elinore's Endeavor.

All fabrics in this block are from Elinore's Endeavor.

And here we have both it is easy to tell which one is 4" and which is 8".

to go to Corey's blog for the download to this cute pattern and Corey's tips.
Thank you Corey, I enjoyed playing with new fabrics and your cute design!

I think these blocks, as with most of the blocks we design have lots of color and placement options.
Have you noticed how much the value of the fabrics makes in the final block!
I pull fabric and set aside, pull another combination and set aside.
 I pin options to a design wall across the room and look for contrast and find the values are too close.
Other times, I'm looking for the fabrics to blend...LOL.
I love mixing textures, florals, stripes, plaids or checks and various scales of prints.
Fabrics are to me as yummy as the best desserts. I enjoy having a full pantry to make my selections for blocks and quilts.  "The more fabric the better" is my motto.

Tiny seams and pressing can be challenging. I twisted seams whenever possible and, still this itty bitty cutie, did not press well.

Before I go, I want to mention the final layout of the blocks.  I know we all mentioned ideas we might have, but as we are now half way, you will want to be thinking and making a plan. 

Before you ask, I still do not have a plan.  I need to see all my blocks, completed, and up on a wall...big wall, to see how they will play together.  Some of my fabric or color choices may not work once we finish.  Remember that I make several blocks some weeks, and blocks of all different sizes, 
so I have choices.
 I like to wing it when it comes to a sampler and since I'm fairly indecisive, this works for me. 
So, throwing the blocks of the floor or sticking to a design wall and moving them around to fit, makes me happy, and if I need filler blocks, or need to remake a block, or several, that's ok too.

I've worked in shops, and taught for so many years, that I know making blocks without a plan just may not work for you, and that is ok with me! (I like the challenge)...You need to be happy with your quilt. Watch for layout options on my fellow designers blogs.  Some posted their ideas early on, but there might be some new ideas coming as well.

Questions??? I am better at answering on Instagram.  I love hearing from you.

Until next time, 
Stay well, stay safe, wear a mask and be happy sewing.


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  1. I love that blue plaid and will be on the lookout for some to add to my stash! Cute blocks!