Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Blue Quilts

A few more blue quilts.  I love the ageless, clean simplicity of blue and white quilts.  When I started collecting antiques tops and quilts and blocks, I desperately wanted an indigo and white quilt. Just one! My oldest child was still in a stroller and I fell for an Ohio Star.  Did not fall in love with the cost.  Should have made the purchase then, but the practical mom side of me said no.  Regretted it ever since!  Nearly 30 years of regret, considering the price of indigo and white quilts today.  So I reproduce them.

Here is one I absolutely love, hand quilted in utility quilting style.  Stencil and chacoliner, not a compass and pencil, but similar in many ways, to the spirograph designs.  By the way...loved the comments that have come in...funny how many of us had Spirographs!

My Double Nine Patch quilt from History Repeated

Close up of utility quilting. Favorite part...the pumpkin seed design in the corners.
Note the two indigo prints...same value, adds interest.
On the bed with an indigo woven coverlet.
Look closely and you can see where I extended the stencil
to create a circle design repeating all over the quilt.

A final blue quilt for today...
Have you noticed how difficult selecting blue fabric can be?  Look at the blues at the quilt shop next time you are in, or go look right now at the blue zone in your fabric collection.  Not all blues are created equal, again that 'spice of life' thing.  Just look and you will see gray blue, green blue, true blue, blues that have a purplish quality, etc and in all shades and tints, and all mixed up!  hmmm...more discussion next time. See you then.


  1. I just found you - welcome to blogland! Cotton & Ewe is one of my favorite books - I'm so glad you're blogging!

  2. Oh, yes, since blue is the color that I have the most of, I have noticed the variety. They don't necessarily play well together, though, do they? Love the brown with the blue, and, of course, the baskets!

  3. Beautiful quilts as is the quilting. I love the throw too.

  4. oh I totally agree I find it very hard to buy blues.
    I want to make a few blue and white quilts, I saw an ocean wave once that I sure wish I would have bought. would love to see a picture of blues you have in your stash ;) love love love these two quilts on my list to make someday....


  5. I'm so glad you started blogging! Now, even though I'm not in your class this year, I can feel like we're in touch. I love your blue quilts and the way you quilted the 9-patch. BTW, I use my middle name for my blog and I am now a follower of yours. Gladys J.

  6. Hello! I to LOVE the 9-patch in indigo! I would imagine that at some time, very early in our quilting, we all happened upon a blue 9 patch we fell in love with. I like the baskets too. Thanks for sharing