Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year

Happy New year to all!

Only a week into January and the to do list is piling high.  So where to start?  I know I'm not the only one asking this question!
Today I've been rather scattered, not a surprise.  Need to be working on this and that and making lots of notes. Spent some time decorating since Christmas has been put away.  So do you decorate for January? Or go directly to a Valentines Day theme?  I decided to go right to reds and pinks and chocolates.  Got everything placed, took a shower, dressed and pulled out some blue quilts.  Yes, you read correctly, blue.
First picture was to go at the top of the page...the template had other ideas.

a top, some blocks and a little quilt that needs binding

four tops, but one is basted ( been basted for years!)

Then, I found this quilt.
It was a top made by my paternal great grandmother and a great aunt.
30 years ago, I taught myself to quilt by quilting this top.

Can you see the quilting?
I drew the designs with a pencil and compass and made a cardboard template.
Spirograph training....did you have one of those?  I bet mine is still at my parents house.

Back on track...January blues.  Not that cold here in Texas, but exactly where is it really cold?  January is supposed to be cold, in my mind, anyway.  Temperatures have been in the 70's for a high, but today is a little cooler and cloudy, at least it looks like January.
I like blue quilts for January.  Will take more photos for another day.


  1. I like blue quilts for January, too. They are soothing and quiet to me which is welcome after the hub-bub of the holidays. Plus, adding new quilts helps blunt the let down after the holiday decorations get put away. Your quilts are just amazing. I can see the quilting and it looks great.

  2. Blue is a great color for January. Especially here in Michigan! But I have to say that this January Michigan is pretty warm and we still don't have snow! :(

    I love the quilt your taught yourself to quilt on! Lovely!

    Welcome to blogland too. I am happy to become a follower as I sure do love your books!


  3. Welcome to blogging! I am a new blogger also, although I have been reading and commenting on blogs for years. Should be a fun adventure for both of us!
    I purchased the "History Repeated" book a few months ago and couldn't put it down for a week or two. I wish so much I had a group in my area that I could be a part of that was as devoted as yours to that era of quilts. What fun!

  4. I like blue quilts for anytime of year. I can see your quilting - it's just right for the quilt. What a special project to learn to quilt on!

  5. I do decorate with dark colors for January, as a change from the Christmas decor. It's not time for the reds and pinks and browns yet :)

  6. Welcome to Blogland Betsy! Recently ordered History Repeated, recommended by Kathie and I love it. Your quilts and colors are gorgeous!!! The family quilt you hand quilted is amazing and yes, had a Spiragraph :0) Looking forward to seeing more! Jo

  7. Welcome to blogland! I think Google has been messing with a lot of us lately. I finally had to try a different browser to get pictures to load on my blog.

    I love your old quilt!!! I remember making the quilting design with overlapping circles and my compass. I never thought of using it for a quilt design and it's just lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing more posts from you.

  8. I love your blue quilts Betsy. I'm so glad you have a blog now as your books are amoung my favourites.

    You made me laugh about the spirograph. Mine is sitting on top of a cupboard in mysewing room. Do you think it's a prerequisite to have had spirograph training to become a quilter? :-)


  9. I also put out the blue and white quilts in January. Seems to go with snow and snowman decorations. Love your books and welcome to blogland.

  10. Hey Betsy! So good to find your new blog. Looking forward to following your projects and new books and new fabrics, etc. Also looking forward to seeing you at the next Jo's retreat! Blog on!

  11. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos of the quilts. I like them all. Welcome to the blogging world!

  12. Hi Betsy, l think we are having your weather here in Australia. Shivering through a cold day, 57 at the moment, middle of summer!! Go figure. Can you send my weather back down under! LOL
    Great to see you have a blog going, welcome. Love ALL your quilts!!

  13. Hi Betsy! And a warm welcome to blogland! Glad you have decided to take the plunge! I have already enjoyed some of your work through two books I have, 'Gone to Texas', and 'History Repeated', looking forward to seeing what else you get up to. Just love your feline friends, such a regal bunch sitting there among the Christmas decorations LOL!!!! All the very best to you in your new endeavour and for 2012!!!!

  14. How exciting to know, via Kathie, that you are blogging! Both of your books are just wonderful. When I am between novels, and want something to read at night, but am too tired to start a new book, I grab a quilt book to look through. Lately, it has been History Repeated. I was able to see some of these quilts in person at the Rosemont Show a couple of years ago. What a treat!
    Recently, I had the task of cleaning out my parent's house for sale, and found my Spirograph, so it is now home with me. How fun to see so many of us loved it!

  15. Love the blue quilts and the look of your new blog! You are doing great, as usual.

  16. Welcome! January is always a time for me to clean out and freshen things up a bit. Your quilts are lovely and I especially enjoyed hearing about the quilt you learned on. Oh, yes, we had a spirograph. It got a lot of use. Fun memories!

  17. Betsy, Blue is an excellent choice for January wherever you are! Love all of your blue and brown quilts. No Spirograph for me but the quilting design is very nice.

  18. I really like the quilt top on the wall in the first picture. Blue and brown is one of my favorite combinations and I have a stack of Jo's fabrics in those colors waiting to be made into a Lady Of the Lake. Your top looks like a related but easier design. Does it have name or is it your own design?