Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How do you ROLL?

Ok, how do you roll??? We all how I roll--full on crazy. Oh you didn't know that???

In my sewing room...right now at a glance, I see 10 projects in various stages of incompleteness. Please note I said "see". Not even going to attempt to count those buried or tucked away for another day!

Today I'm playing with an Eliza's Indigo Jelly Roll. This is number 11 project, in sight. 
Have you seen this book? The authors have great ideas for jelly rolls using antique quilts for their inspiration. It is SO me!  Here is what I selected for Eliza..lets see how she rolls!!!
This is the antique quilt inspiration, a 16 patch. Directions are clear. Jelly roll is pre cut. Cut each strip along the fold, sort the strips, and sit and sew! Amazingly fast!

Subcut the strips. Arrange as you like. And just like the magic ovens on TV, I have blocks brought to you by my magic sewing machine.
20 blocks from only half of the jelly roll!

Now to choose the setting..I love the low volume, blended, early 1800s look of old chintz quilts. 
Uh oh! Lots of options in this collection. 
Which should I choose??? Decision making, not easy. I like them all!
What do you like???

I like them all! Hmm. Maybe I'll just go back to working on project number...3, or 7. 

So play is FUN, a good distraction, a welcome change of pace. This I how I roll! How about you? Grab a jelly roll and get rolling!

Hope the New Year has gotten off to a great start for you! I've got lots of new ideas and lots of hope for time to play and work! 
My very best to you all!
Until next time, 


  1. It still amazes me how different a block can look so different with different fabrics. Your collect looks great. Any of the setting fabrics looks terrific, but my fave is the dark brown large floral.

  2. Oh dear. I knew there was a reason I have a mountain of jelly rolls. LOVE your indigos, and am looking forward to your new collections this coming year! p.s. I would use the light blue floral version of the large floral in Eliza's Indigos. :-)

  3. I like them on the dark brown floral best I think. That is a fantastic book :0) Lots of quilter's work on multiple projects all the time - never get bored that way!

  4. I love your blocks. I'm going to have to check out this book. Hugs

  5. You are a woman after my win heart--I can't count all my WIP that I will eventually finish and still find myself wanting to start something new. And I love this book--I've made and taught the cover quilt, it was a huge success.

  6. Only 10 or 11 projects that you can see? I guess I need more hiding...I mean storage space. But then I'm counting quilting, knitting, needlepunch and crosstitch projects. Too many UFOs!!!!! 2016 must be the year for completing SOMETHING. Thanks for giving us ideas on Jelly Rolls. I am partial to the blue background for your blocks.