Friday, May 12, 2017

And my favorite color is.....

What a great time I have had reading your thought process to figure out my likes and dislikes!  Thank you, thank you ALL for taking the time to visit my blog and comment.
It seems to me that blogging is a give and take...and so often, and until BlockHeads, not that often lol, I'm writing but I don't know if I'm connecting...know what I mean? I write in hopes of sharing and teaching, and in turn I hope you are receiving and learning. And now I'm writing every week!
BlockHeads has taught me a lot!  And I have received the sweetest notes form so many of you thanking me for this or that.  You have no idea what it means to me.

So who won?...well,, I gave Molly (one of my cats) the opportunity to select the winner from a basket full of names that all guessed the same color.  She was asleep and failed me.  So I asked my husband to draw a name from the basket. but before I reveal the winner of my favorite color I have to tell you that NO ONE guessed both my favorite and least favorite correctly in one vote.  Nor did anyone guess the particular type of this color that I have LOVED since I bought my first antique quilt top in 1980.  A $10 top started a love affair with this color. But what I'm showing is from a top I purchased in 1982.
 INDIGO is my favorite color. When I was a child my favorite Crayola was Midnight Blue. I wanted to collect indigo and white quilts so bad I could taste it! and They were very pricey even in the 1980's

I also love Prussian Blue and Lancaster Blue, but not as much as Indigo.  Indigo has its own little cupboard and it is a small collection compared to the other blue colors because I USE IT UP!  I try to put indigo in all my quilts, even in fall quilts but not in anything for Halloween and not in Christmas quilts, but love them for Winter and Summer.  For me indigo adds a richness and depth to quilts.  I collect Flow Blue dishes. and Blue Willow. and cobalt blue vases.
So yes, if you guessed BLUE, your name went in the basket.
If you haven't read all the comments in the last post, you must.  One of the best and it made me laugh:  
I think that BLUE is your favorite color because it is the messiest of the you get into it more often and keep messing up your neat stacks.
Love it! robin. and it is very true...the blues on that shelf are double deep, so an equal amount is behind what you see. Thank goodness you cannot see the rest of the room...not neat!

Indigo and Nine Patch, from History Repeated

Indigos from Hope's Journey and Rachel Remembered in a blockheads block.

 Bluebonnets, the state flower of Texas It's not indigo but still a beautiful blue.

My dining room, on occasion. (I change with the seasons) The quilt over the pew is one of my most favorite quilts EVER and is in Lizzie's Legacy. So is the little churn dash over the blue cupboard.  Notice the brown transferware on the blue cupboard?  Love blue and brown together!

Now for all those who know I love brown...I do love it and use it in most quilts too, and for the CHOCOLATE guess, I LOVE that you went to a specific brown and you were spot on with chocolate! I like chocolatey shades, from milk chocolate to dark chocolate to bittersweet, hot chocolate, mocha, and chocolate mousse. Now I like chocolate a lot but it is not my favorite...Can't you hear Johnny Depp murmuring 'yum' as he takes a bite of chocolate in the movie Chocolat? and says , 'but it's not my favorite". ?
For me browns are my neutral...they do not compete with any other color. and NO, they are not the color of mud or dirt...they are chocolate.
I have converted many a 'no brown in my quilt' maker in my 25 years in quilts shops by suggesting they introduce chocolate to their palette.

I also love PINK. and Poison Green, but not the puky green, but it not my most disliked color.  I RARELY use that color except in primitives or folk art. Doesn't everyone have a tiny bit of that 'something different' in their stash???  I once worked with a quilter who put puky green in EVERY quilt.  hmmm. I love to wear lime green but rarely sew with it.
I use to detest purple and orange, but appreciate them for their time and place, and yellows, when a little dab will do. But a yellow and white or Orange and cream quilt...yummy like Creamsicles. and cheddar, OH MY!
 I have an intense dislike for a particular red, claret. It is in that $10 top and while it did not bleed in that case, it has in other tops and quilts. So I avoid it in antiques and very, very little has ever been reproduced.  If it is your favorite , I hope I didn't offend.  We all have our favorites an I respect your likes regardless!  And you know, if it is called burgundy, I like it so much better! though both are wines! Why do we name colors?  A name can turn you off, or on, as any emotion might.  I love Red and my Moda reds are the yummiest, if I do say so.

I don't dislike blacks, nor do I dislike mourning blacks.  Again, in the right time and place, love, love .
Only one person guessed my least favorite.  
I know it is popular.  I know it is in all the magazines from wall colors to fabric, and if the RIGHT GRAY appeared for a project then I wouldn't say no, I just don't have a single piece in my stash. If given the choice between gray or cream, I'll pick cream shades any day.  But, I wear LOTS of gray.  I have seen and admired quilts with gray so one day I could change my mind, again if the right one came along...mourning blacks do read gray from a distance, hint hint.

I choose rich colors and the colors I love have depth. Even soft shades can be rich. Even a darker pastel can be rich.  One of my favorite classes to teach involves the colors that were popular in the  1800's and our repros today, which I teach with antique quilts, tops and blocks.

I have babbled on enough???  I LOVE talking color!!!!

And the winner is...
My husband drew Marie Chat's name, so Marie please email me (addy in profile) or make a comment with your email so I can send you a Rachel Remembered Charm Pack. If I don't hear from you by Sunday,  I have a runner up selected.
And because Puppy Paws picked gray as my least favorite, correctly, I'll send you a charm pack too. Please email me or make a comment including your addy. 
I'd like to get these mailed before market, fingers crossed.
Again, thank you thank you to all who participated, and read my posts...your visit and your comments are always welcome.

Until Wednesday! Oh My, I'll schedule the post before I leave for Market. Wish me luck.
Bindings are calling!!!



  1. What a great post! Indigo was my second choice for your favorite color, but I see from this post that I was right in that you really love the combinations of colors. Claret is my least favorite color with grey as a close second. Although I am with you on the mourning prints and Shaker greys. Thanks for an entertaining post and have fun at Market!

  2. What a fun post. I agree with you totally about grey - I have one piece of grey in my stash and that was from a kit!! And blue is my favorite. Why didn't I pick my own most favorite and least favorite and my name could have been in the bowl.
    Have a great market experience.


  3. So fun and love to read your posts.

  4. Such an enjoyable post to read! I laughed out loud and you really made me think about certain colors that I've never really liked as well as those I am madly in love with. This was just FUN! Have fun at Market!!

  5. This was so much fun! Can't believe I didn't get Indigo. Blue is my favorite color and Indigo happens to be my favorite blue. It is in a special basket all by itself. My daughter calls it my "gold" stash and every time I finish a quilt she checks to see if any "gold" is in the quilt.
    Enjoy Market!

  6. Isn't color wonderful? I should have went with my first guess... ;-)

  7. I must say that your post was so very fun to read to get inside your thoughts. I guessed too basic. Of course a fabric designer would have special names to subdivide colors! Thank you for going on and on because I felt like I couldn't get enough. Like chocolate.

  8. Just an FYI...the "grays" are must haves for ghoulish Halloween quilts and shark quilts. Yes...I've made both.