Wednesday, November 29, 2017

BlockHeads Week 39 Framed Star by Jo Morton

November 29.  Wednesday.  Thanksgiving is over and it's time for Christmas decorating, shopping and baking to begin.  WOW.  I'm tired just writing the last sentence.  Time flies by every week and we are again.  This leads me to our 
Question of the Week...Have you started your Christmas preparations? NO.  Baking?  NO.  Shopping? No.  Made a gift-wish list for yourself? No.
Really boring but truthful answers.  Shortly after Thanksgiving I flew to Chicago for a wonderful teaching and speaking trip for the Prairie Star Quilters Guild.
I am ready to decorate and bake...the older I get the less I like to shop.  Shopping for the grandkids can be fun and they certainly put the magic in the season.
Lots of sewing and writing to do, designing and more, to do along with Christmas prep, so the most wished for item on my gift-wish list is TIME.  I wish for this every Christmas season.  Time to do all the fun Christmas things and keep up with deadlines too.  Big sigh, and fingers crossed.

Jo has an interesting block for us this week.  I made it twice. After making it the first time, I kept looking at it, even slept on it and something just wasn't clicking for me.  I'm not showing it to you.  I am happy, however with the second one which I will show you.

Framed Star by Jo Morton

Click here for Jo's blog and her pattern.

My tips for making this block is starch first before cutting and
 Bloc_loc flying geese ruler, size 1" x 2".  And, layout your parts before sewing to make sure you like the value placement.  That is what I didn't like with the first block I made, the values of my chosen fabrics didn't work for me.
Enjoy making Framed Star!
Thanks Jo!
Please visit my BlockHead friends to see what they have made.  Links below.

3" mini Penny block

Starch fabrics before cutting.
Ok, don't shoot me...1/2" HSTs.  I suggest triangle paper and
 Bloc_loc flying geese ruler, size 1/2" x 1".
To make this without triangle paper you need, 9 - 1" light squares and 9 - 1" dark squares for the HSTs.  Trim 18 HSTs to 1".  Press open if you choose, mine are pressed to the dark triangle.
1- 1 1/2" square light print for the center of the star
4 - 1 1/2" squares light print cut again once diagonally for the star points 
1 - 2 7/8" dark square cut again twice diagonally for the background to the star points
6 - 1" dark squares for the corners
I've oversized triangles and geese units for trimming.  Use a regular 1/4" seam.
Trim geese units (star points) to 1" x 1 1/2"
Center Star should measure 2 1/2", for a 2" finished star.
Follow my block for placement of HSTs.
Block should measure 3 1/2" for a 3" finished block.
Hope you enjoy making this block!

Don't forget to check out the Moda BlockHeads Facebook group...lots of followers are beginning to set their blocks together.  Look for a setting from each of us in the coming weeks.

Until next time ~

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