Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Moda BlockHeads Week 40 Cardinal, by Jan Patek

WEEK 40!  Can you believe only 8 blocks to go after today??? I can't believe it.  Now we are into the Christmas season there is SO much to do! 
 I'm so happy you include BlockHeads in this busy time of year.

Before we get to Jan Patek's beautiful Cardinal block, it is Question of the Week time...
Do you decorate with quilts for the Holidays?  Are they color - themed, or do they include holiday motifs and fabrics?
I love decorating the house with the quilts for the season! 
This goes in my kitchen every Christmas, so I eat with Jan Patek everyday! LOL. Jan designed this favorite quilt years ago for Her book Seasons which is long out of print, right Jan?

Here is my favorite seasonal color quilt...usually up all year, except Fall.
Hope Blooms made with my Hope's Journey fabric. Sorry about the lighting!
 Better!  An older photo.

I also decorate with antique quilts. This is a red and cream antique quilt top.  I can see the tree branches need adjusting!

How appropriate that I show a Jan Patek quilt today...Week 40 Is Jan's week!

Here is my version of Jan's block.

for the link to Jan's blog for the pattern and her applique tips.

Fabrics are Rachel Remembered, Hope's Journey and a wing from Evelyn's Homestead.  I just had to include a smidge!  Evelyn will arrive in March.

I want to show you how I applique when I'm pressed for time like this week.
 I use these super cute Kai bent scissors, upside down, to trim convex pattern curves and right side up for concave curves. 
 My usual applique methods are needle turn back basting or with Freezer Paper templates, but I have students who absolutely love this applique Paper.  It is fusible, and fibrous, that softens when washed....
Glue the seam allowance under with Sewline glue pen then drop a dot of Roxanne's glue in place on your background to hold the parts in place.  It's a time saver for me.  
Favorite though, when time is not an issue, is any style of needle turn.
If you try Hugs and Kisses Applique paper, be sure to reverse your pattern and trace the shapes on the non fusible side.

This sweet helper, lol decided to help me by scooting off all my glued parts onto the floor so she could lounge on the sewing table under a warm lamp.  Yep...lots of help[!

3" Mini Penny blocks

Here is just a slightly enlarged star from Jan's design on 3 1/2" background.

And a pieced version from leftovers from the applique.
For this block you need
8 - 1" red plaid squares
2 - 1 1/2" red plaid squares for 1/2" HSTs
2 - 1 1/2" blue squares for 1/2" HSTs
4 - 1" x 1 1/2" blue rectangles
4 - 1" x 2 1/2" rectangles
Work from the center out, HSTs first, trimmed to 1", make pinwheel center. Add rectangles and corner squares in rounds like a Courthouse Steps pattern.
Cute, right?

Until next time ~

Enjoy the season!


  1. Love you block. I have to admit, Jan's weeks are often my favorite since I am partial to applique. Enjoy your week. And, yes I decorate with quilts, antique and new.

  2. Thanks for sharing all this. LOve your Hope Blooms quilt and found the pattern on sale at the Fat Quarter Shop. Merry Christmas!

  3. A lovely block... I have to find the right red for the cardinal!

  4. It's great to see the penny block along with the weekly block. So much fun!

  5. my favorite thing to do at Christmas is to look at lights. Still after all these years I still like driving around a looking at Christmas lights. I guess yours to be my 2nd favorite thing baking cookies.