Thursday, November 7, 2019

and the winner is.....

I have absolutely LOVED reading all the comments about YOUR Thanksgiving (holiday) favorite mix it ups and the guesses as to my least favorite.

I'm a turkey girl, and this year Thanksgiving is on my birthday.  Since it happens every few years, it can be a wonderful celebration with family or a big mess and birthday is totally ignored.
I have never hosted Thanksgiving. But, I have hosted Christmas for 40 years. my first was at age 23. In our family, tradition has always been that the same menu be served for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.
When I was a kid, because of my birthday being on Turkey Day, Mother didn't want to make a cake, only pies and asked what pie I would like....Chocolate Icebox.
So we have chocolate icebox pie at Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
I've been incharge of the dressing for years....loving making it. Mixing the cornbread, onions, celery, broth and poultry seasoning remind me of Mom and my grandmother in our kitchen, both great cooks....and I cook like they did. The aroma on Thanksgiving morning...heavenly.
I will eat anything except pumpkin pie, even brussel sprouts (which we never have) and green bean casserole. Corn casserole is my husband's favorite, mom's recipe, and I prefer it at Thanksgiving. I LOVE cranberries! and make the cranberry sauce. After having my Aunt Lyda's one year, I never opened another can.
Some of you may follow me on Instagram and saw my Halloween posts, maybe you saw the one where I wrote the only pumpkin spice things I like are jack o' lanterns.
I think it was a texture thing as a kid, because I'm sure my grandmother's would have been fantastic...for everyone else.  LOL

This has been so much fun...Thankfully the random number generator, picked the winner....
Congratulations !!!

who wrote,

My fave is chopping up a cranberry fruit relish vs the canned cranberry sauce. I'm guessing yours is stuffing the turkey.

Deb, I'll email you.

Everyone remember, when entering a giveaway, please include an email.

Thank you ALL for entering.

Thank you Moda and Martingale for providing the items and to all the designers for their creations!

Until next time,
~ Betsy


  1. Congratulations to the winner! What fun :-)

  2. Betsy I live in the Dallas Tx area and can’t find a quilt shop that has you Sarah’s Story fabric. Can you please help me

  3. Hello Your experience is very amazing, I like reading your experience. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge about holidays.