Monday, February 6, 2012

Hello February

After a very unintentional blog break, I'm back and happy to say goodbye to January.  Not that February has begun any better, but I'm confident this moth will prove to be better than than the last one!  Let's just say husbands make horrible patients, especially when they have never been truly ill.  Two hospital stays  in January have more than tested his patience, and MINE.  My health glitche in the first week of Februrary put me even farther behind.  Who ever has time to be sick????

Consider February....what speaks to you this  Romance?  We'll do a little exploring and a combination that may or may not surprise you.

Back in December, I prepared an excercise for the club I lead, involving a striped fabric.  Then I selected the colors to complement the stripe.  Simple blocks followed. Here is one of the 3 quilt tops I have made, originally planned for the Christmas season, but now will be a February and into Spring quilt.

Here is the stripe in the background. I originally had out 5 stripes but this stripe had the best options for additions.

I grabbed a cup of coffee, well at least two, and sat in front of my greens.  Pulled more than needed, certainly. Some eventually didn't make the cut. This is fun to do with any color collection, by the way.
I have never been a huge 'green' fan, but is essential at Christmas, I think.

Some greens left and more arrived, this time with pink friends and a few brown, pink, green combo fabrics.
The greens aren't just any green.
 Out went the too olivey-muddy greens and too bright-poison greens.
I kept the greens that were 'just right'.

Pinks include pinky reds.  Am I talking your language?  Pinks fall into categories, like every other color family, those that are on the blue side and those on the yellow side (but not orangey, more like salmon pink or cinnamon pink).  To me these are browny pinks--a new category. Bubble gum pinks are bluey pinks....they can play another day.

Cut a bunch of squares to make half square triangle units. Mine are 1 1/2" finished, but you could make any size you like, and make any block you choose.

Broken Dishes blocks set together before border.

Every helpful Molly.
"No photos without me!"

Border options....which one do you like?

I see this little quilt as romantic in style, how about you?

I love hearing from you!


  1. Lovely informative post. I really prefer the green border.

    Glad your blogging, I am sure we will learn lots.

  2. It's good to see you back to blogging. I've been popping in from time to time because I enjoyed your last few posts so much. I like the green border but I am very partial to green anyway. I liked how you took us through your thought process as you designed the quilt. It's lovely. I hope everyone is on the mend now!

  3. Just beautiful. I love green but I never buy stripes. I like the green border because it appears darker than the red one when sat like that.

  4. Hi Betsy, I love your first book and want to get History Repeated. Your little quilt is so cute. I signed up to get your emails and look forward to reading your blog. Hope your husband is getting better. Hello to Molly. My two little helpers are dogs. Sandi

  5. I think the green is expected I would chose the other one :)
    but then again I like blendy sometimes!!!!
    great post, love how you showed us how you work!
    I certainly hope Feb is much better to you and DH , you all need to get well!

  6. Love the green border. It just somehow competes the little quilt. But then I love greens so that's not unexpected!

    Hope Steve and you are both on the mend. Looking forward to next month in Milford. Really like the project this year...a nice simple one!!

    Oh -and I've signed up for both of your classes at our guild show this summer. Hopefully not more UFOs!

  7. I vote for the green. What did Molly vote for? BTW, I will be sandwiching and quilting Gone to TX as soon as the batting comes!

  8. What a great idea to create a new quilt from just one stripe fabric! Very clever, I will keep that in mind! I prefer the green for the border!!!! Recently I have made an effort to collect more greens for my stash which I just love anyways!! Molly is one cute little cat with those white whiskers against her luxurious black coat!!!!!