Monday, February 13, 2012

Note to self

Note to self: need more red quilts. 

I'm thinking today, the day before Valentine's Day how I wish I had more red quilts, of any size.  They would be good for Christmas, 4th of July and of course Valentines. The Red and White exhibit has lots of us thinking.  And wishing.  I'm also wishing I had taken a picture of my mom's vintage valentines sent to her mother in the early 1900's.  A bad cold has kept me away from her, and her collection.

I have lots of pink and brown. I need more red.

Winston asked for equal photo time.

Winston finished quilting.

I made this for my son, his baby quilt 25 years ago.  One of those quilts he was never allowed to use, thankfully.  What was I thinking, a white hand quilted quilt for a boy???  Regardless, he new it was his when he was little, and now that I rotate quilts on the cupboard door, he asks me where I put 'his' quilt when he notices its absence.I wanted tradition, even if it wasn't practical. In those days, machine quilting never occurred to me. I wanted to make something for him to have for his children, you know a valentine of sorts from his mom.
Funny thing, My daughter, is the one who loves red.  Her baby quilts were blue.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day

Until next time....


  1. I was reminiscing about the NY red and white show this morning. I have a decent collection of antique red and white quilts. I don't make many two color quilts myself because I find the construction process pretty boring with only two fabrics. Don't get me wrong, I love them. It's just the making part that is tedious. I have started several but only finished a baskets top so far.

  2. The red and white exhibit is still strong on my mind, and has been instrumental in my making many red and white quilts in the last few months, including one not to dissimilliar to your new one, and also using Jo's bird toile. In fact, just ordered 8 more yards of solid red to make more. Love both your's.

  3. What a fun post, Betsy! Cats and quilts are two of my most favorite things. Winston looks very content helping out at the sewing machine, and what a lovely quilt he's relaxing on! Love the quilt you made for your son, too. What a sweet gift! Happy Valentines Day to you, too!

  4. First - feel better soon! Isn't it funny how holidays and quilts can have an influence on the colors that capture our attention? Could it be that your daughter loves red because her brother's quilt is red and/or hers were blue. Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. I love the red quilts too and could use more in my household. It's definitely in the works to produce one :)

    Loved your quilt you made for your son. Very pretty :)

  6. The quilts are lovely even if they aren't red. Besides, pink is nothing but red with a bit of white in it!

  7. The quilt you made for your son is gorgeous, and I have to agree red/white quilts are so adaptable for many holidays during the year!

    1. Hello! I just discovered your blog, so look forward to reading back posts. Your red baby quilt story was most enjoyable. I'm currently enjoying a red & white quilt along by the ladies at Sentimental Stitches & Dear Jane. It's quite the challenge, but the quilt will be amazing when done. Your "helpers" are exactly like mine... but can't help loving them.

  8. Red quilts are always good and I need more too. But I do like the pink and brown quilt you show.

  9. Oh, I love red and white quilts. I saw the photo's made in NY. I am working now with two, one by hand and one on machine. love your blog