Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pink or Green? Winner is...

The green border won, and by a huge margin, I might add.  I voted for the pink. Then, when so many 'green people' pled the case for green I gave in, and am glad I did.  The basis of the exercise in the first place was the exploration of my green stash, and using a stripe for the alternate square.  I love it. It is sweet.  Will be a nice addition to the table for Spring.  I'm not a pastel person, so this is just Springy enough.

As a side note, I machine quilted in 'pedal to the metal' fashion.  No time spent in thought of  'how to quilt', just a simple grid, edge to edge. The diagonal lines followed the diagonal of the HSTs.  Easy!  When I finished it looked like popped corn in the center of each broken dish block!  Why? Obviously I went too fast. I didn't pin as closely as I should have done.  Getting it done fast was the intent.
Now, as you see it, it is as flat as can be.  The very simple solution....spritz both sides with water and press and steam with the iron.  All the 'poof' disappeared.  If you should experience this 'poofing', please give this simple trick a try.

I have an issue with batting for the small quilts.  Recently I split a section of Hobb's Heirloom batting and while it took a while to split, I liked the thin result.  Hint to the batting companies, our little quilts need to drape just like a lap or bed size quilt.  I use a variety of batts, Mountain Mist Blue Ribbon, Legacy and Quilter's Dream Cotton-Request, Hobbs wool and silk too, whatever is handy and the right size.  This little quilt has Hobb's Heirloom  and is just fine for machine quilting, It drapes fairly well, but a thinner batt would be better, just my opinion.

~My best, Betsy


  1. Betsy it looks great with the green. Thanks for tip too.

  2. I love pink and green quilts, yes I just started one ! I actually need a few more pink and green quilts , pink and well thats my neutral so I have a few red quilts! but never enough
    I agree with the batting issue always looking for the right one
    lately I have been using quilters dream select and find it easy to quilt and is perfect for my long armer to quilt. She was having a hard time with the request .

  3. I like thin batting also!

    Love your your quilt and border!

    Carolyn :)