Friday, December 30, 2011

Entering the blog world

With much encouragement, I've decided to enter the blog world.  I've kept a journal for a few years and wrote in my book Gone to Texas, that I wasn't ready to share my thoughts with everyone. So why now???  A simple answer is time for a change.  I've resisted technology, readily choosing to design quilts on graph paper, rather than the computer, for instance. Nevertheless, change can be good. Technology is good.  I'm embracing both change and technology, even if slowly.
Please be patient with me as I learn how to post something of interest.

So what will you find here in Betsy's Best?

My life as it applies to the things I love... fabric, quilts, antique quilts, more fabric, my cats, family and friends and ???
"The longest journey begins with the first step." 
Please join me on this journey.

Today, meet my furry friends...
Molly, who  has to be first, always ready for her closeup.
Could she be the reason I can't sew????

The youthful crew: from the left Molly, Winston and Hudson

The old girls: Bandit on the left, and Shadow, who recently passed, is on the right.

Bye sweet girl.

 Until next time...
Happy New Year 2012