Saturday, May 30, 2015

Storage Problem

#quilts  Need I say more??? 
I make quilts. I collect antique quilts. 
Ok, now I need not say more. 

You get what I'm understand where this post is going...I've run out of room. Need more cupboards. I collect cupboards. Need more wall space to place more cupboards. Sounds like a move...wishful thinking. (Sounds like a post I did a while back)

Fresh, and a little creative, folding of quilts after unpacking from quilt study necessitated the refolding of all...antique quilts in the bookcase and a few on top, the rest I've made. A wicker changing table on the left works well but I don't really like the two together. Had to make do...another reason to find a new cupboard!

Cupboard in sewing room, also re folded after quilt study at Lone Star House of Quilts. Very tidy, I'm pleased to say..until the next meeting. 

Here's a shot from this month's quilt study...

Just look at those fabric detectives! Do I see drool??? Hmm. 

I have more stacks. Re folding for another day. Bookcases of small quilts. Benches piled high with 1930's quilts. Quilts on walls, draped over chairs, on tables, draped over cupboard doors, and 3 on a quilt rack. I'm not even mentioning the stacks of quilt tops. You've got the idea. 

Happy problem? Yes. Sounds worse than it is. 
I do love my quilts.  Floor to ceiling shelves would be fantastic! Hint hint. I like to see them and change them out with the seasons.

Speaking of seasons...
How do you decorate for rain??? We have had more than our share in Texas. 35 trillion gallons of rain have fallen on Texas in May. Enough to cover the state with 8" of water. Do you know how big Texas is? Goodness! It is a LOT of rain. The sun is out right now and I'm thrilled. Maybe that helped generate the good mood for refolding quilts! Rain is nice for sewing time, or TV cuddle on the couch time with snacks, a kitty or two and a soft quilt. 

Oops, found a few I forgot to put away. And Mr. Betsy grabbed one while watching NCIS for the hundredth time! Hmm.

Now, back to folding...

Until next time ~

Sunday, May 24, 2015

What do you do when you have nothing to do???

Take the day off!

I started a Mother's Day post before Market, then had to put out fires so to speak, and it never got posted. See more of that post at the end...

Quilt Market was great! First time for me on Moda's designer row. Very interesting being on the designer side, normally I'm the buyer. Hey, wait I'm still the buyer at my local shop, but had some help this market. Many thanks to my friend Annette who walked the floor and picked ideas to take back home. She helped me set up my booth too. Awesome asset to team Betsy!

We had a good time. Saw friends. Caught up. Was all good.

Hard to believe we were just on the plane for home one week ago. Bye bye Minneapolis, back to unending rain in Texas. Ugh. At least no water restrictions this summer!

Today, Sunday, I declared it  to be a do nothing day. No housework (any excuse will do). No sewing for work, did that earlier this week. Went Antiquing with Mr. Betsy. Had a great lunch, awesome margarita, by the way. More antiquing. Then home. There is No place like home. Messy as it is, still in Market panic, don't forget anything, so leave it all out zone of a really hot's home. A little stitching on a 19th C Patchwork Diva project and TV tonight. ..will complete a really nice day. 
How often do I have a REALLY NICE STRESS FREE DAY??? They don't come around very often. Hello! Grabbing while I can!  

At the antique mall...

Aaah Memorial Day is tomorrow... Reflecting. Remembering those passed. Lost Daddy May 10, 2012. Lost Mom May 31, 2013. Has it been that long??? Sad month/good month. They are so much a part of what I do everyday, and who I am. Good stuff? I think so. 

Mother's Day thoughts...
Hi mom...don't think she knew who I was when I took the photo. 

I had time to think while binding the quilts for Quilt Market, a quiet time when I'm sitting still for a change. So Im thinking about Mom. And grandmothers and aunts and all the great-greats and so on that I never knew. Their last names changed and they bore children. They lived interesting lives, saw so many changes in their lifetimes. And us, mothers and grandmothers, how  interesting will generations to come think of us? See, that quiet time gets me to thinking. Pay attention Madison. Mimi has lots to teach you.
My Mother's Day was an absolutely lovely day with daughter Rachel and son Matthew, a movie, bucket of buttered popcorn., my kids on each side of me...perfect...a slice of heaven (or a kernel in the bucket, if you wish, lol), then Rachel's husband Craig and Steve, aka Mr Betsy, cooked dinner...with Miss Madison's help, I'm sure.

Thanks Mom, grandmothers and aunts for being my teachers, my inspirations, my role models. Great steps in which to follow. 

Saw this on PBS...interesting, don't you think so? Was at the end of The Roosevelts. 

There you are...great stopping place for today's post. Cutest couple ever. Love you and miss you both every day. Thanks for all you taught me. 

Cherish your loved ones, dear friends.

~Until next time, my best, 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Stuff Happens

Last week was a busy week, for me and for my cats. While Molly struggled with the blog take-over post, I was teaching on a quilting cruise. Internet is nice when it is available and works, and when it doesn't, well you get the idea, it's not good. Are we spoiled by or dependent on technology??? Love it and hate it. I felt really cut off from the world. 

A good friend checked on the kitties. A certain associate was not so interested in kitty daycare and didn't behave.
Hudson, The Slasher. what a guilty expression!
See photo below. He does not like to be held.
...For Hudson's former friend. BAD kitty.  Note to self: buy more band-aids before next trip.

Classes were held on the days at sea. In Falmouth, Jamaica we toured a mid 1700's sugar plantation high a top a really big hill, or small mountain. I was surprised how hilly Jamaica was. This was the great house at Good Hope Plantation.

A beautiful view form a side porch.

In the evening, I finished a few bindings for Quilt Market.

Great students and a great time in the Caribbean.

Still lots to do before Market later next week. Trying to stay calm and focused...

Until next time~
my best,

Friday, May 1, 2015

Operator Error---- Molly Takes Over

Got to help poor Molly, who took over for me last week, and apologize to my fellow Moda designers, for this not going out as scheduled May 1st and confess to operator error. On the settings, the post day and time was set but for some reason it didn't post, still sitting in the dock. (sad face here)

The Moda designers have been hosting a 'blog takeover' last week, Friday WAS my turn...Molly really did take over....check out the next post to see why Molly was left without tech support.

"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood," said Mr Rogers. Wrong, say I, Molly, head cat in charge of everything in this establishment. My neighborhood, is a mess. MOM, aka BETSY, has lost it. Yes she loses stuff, but that is another blog post entirely. She is frantically working on projects for Spring Quilt Market and IGNORING ME! Me Molly! I'm trying to help her out and keep her calm, petting a favorite cat usually works, you know. HINT HINT!

The only reason the sewing chair is empty is she is working in the kitchen, the current sewing annex. Ha Ha no cooking being done in there. Thank goodness my associates and I have continuous food and water containers or we would STARVE this week. I thought the Kitchen Aid was going the other day, but it was the second sewing machine humming. A few very nice ladies, though they mostly ignored me, were cutting, sewing and pressing. Hmmm. Wonder if Mom patted their heads or tummys?

So what is the big deal with all this sewing? Special fabrics too. Mom is always sewing. Oh yes, it is her first market with Moda. OK, OK. Eliza's Indigo. She is really excited. But She is always sewing and making quilts. And deadlines are nothing new, but she is really cranky, similar to when there are book deadlines, Yikes, I get it now! Stay out of her way! Here, she just finished trimming a quilt and cutting the binding. And, much to my surprise, cleared the island, sort of.   #designersirl (designers in real life) Clean work space or creatively messy??? NOT showing the rest of the kitchen!
My associates and I noticed our napping places were being replaced by boxes a few weeks ago, boxes of fabric Eliza's Indigo to be exact, the 'special' fabric. They needed unpacking,and to be put away but where?

Who us? Help unpack? Worthless.

Snarky cat Winston is still not willing to help even with Hudson's nagging. Poor Dad, aka Steve, had to move the fabric, under my supervision of course. 

Reconsidering his position as elder kitty of the house...just look at Winston now! Kiss up. Watch it buddy, that paw is pretty close to that false move and I know where the foot pedal is!

You should see the fabric line...blues in shades of dark indigo, to soft blue,  rich chocolate browns, creamy biscuit and cafe au lait shades, and soft golds like jessimine and honeysuckle. 

Madison says enough already!!!  All you people talk about is FABRIC!
Madison is dying to get in her Mimi's sewing room and I won't let her, we might not ever find her.

Mom saved snippets of the selvages. She saved the piles of trimmings too...hack hack, good for nothing but to get lint up my nose and sneeze like crazy. They are not any fun to play with. I do like the clusters of flowers on the selvage, though.

I sent Winston to his box. This establishment needs some structure and discipline, Household chores are being neglected. His assignment was to alert Mom when the washer and dryer stopped. He took his assignment seriously, right? That left me to answer the phone, sort the mail, reply to emails, (must admit, computer detail is slick, a little surfing time...that Grumpy Cat cracks me up! Shhh, don't tell Mom.)  Hudson had trash detail, but he is sounreliable. Guess Dad will handle it. 

I caught Hudson on the only available spot without fabric on it, darn him. Mom told us she better not find cat hair on the 'special' fabric. hmmm.Look, machine is off, she must be asleep. she will finish binding tomorrow.

Aaah. My work is done for today. Not much longer until quilt market. I'll make it. A tummy rub would be very nice. Remember Me MOM???? Your favorite kitty? Sure would like a nap, a pat, and a quilt.

Until next time~
 I enjoyed the blog takeover!  
MOLLY, head cat in charge