Sunday, October 14, 2012

Some Twinkle Time

One of my friends told a while back in a very sweet note to find a way to get my 'twinkle' back....
Stress sure has a way of dimming one's 'twinkle'.

Nothing lifts my spirits more than playing with my Halloween collection...twinkle, twinkle!
I like black cats.
They make me smile.

Winston made an appearance.....hated to tell him he was in the wrong collection.

I move things around each year, add new treasures, fun!

Fall, October especially makes me happy. I'll show more another day.
now a pillowcase update....
62 and counting!
Thanks to Marilyn who made 15! Plus Mary Jane, Barbara B, Barbara C, Patty, Karen, Brigid, Gloria and a mystery stitcher who made multiples as well!
Thank you all!
Until next time,