Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Happy Wednesday BlockHeads 3, Blooming Love by Robin Pickens

What a week, what a month, come to think of it.  Let's take a break from the news and sew. This week has the perfect block for Spring. What could be more timely than Blooming Love???  I love this block so before I go any farther, Thank You, Robin for the design! 

Now, let me ask you ALL how you and your family are?  Safe and well?  Yes, I hope and pray so.  All well here, thankfully. What a gift, it is to sew, to play in fabric to distract us from the disruption of everything in our lives.  
Thank you Moda for BH3!   
It's a pleasure to be with you each week even if only to print a pattern or to click on a link.
Thank you for taking the time to visit. 

Sorry I missed posting last week. Several deadlines hit at the wrong time and something had to give.  If you missed my version of Stacy's block Windmills, it will be down below.

So here is the very pretty Blooming Love with a few of my treasures...a pitcher I gave my mom one Mother's Day, a jelly server that was my great grandmother Florence's, and a butter pat from my collection.

Selecting the fabrics was easy, as I knew what I wanted, but the placement, as you will find when you have your pattern, really made me think!  And what a good thing to have to think! 
I chose to make a 6" size, and it is sooo sweet.
I dug around in the scrap bag for some Lizzie's Legacy, Evelyn's Homestead, Susanna's scraps, Sarah's Story and Nancy's Needle. What fun to play with them all!

to go to Robin's blog and download the pattern.

Be sure to visit all our designers to see what they have made this week. 
Links below.

Here is last week's Windmills by Stacy Iest Hsu
6" version

and my pile....

One last thing before I go, did you see, or follow the postings on Instagram for my mystery doll quilt?

For several days I posted photos and clues. 
I got the idea when starting to decorate for Spring.  All photos and clues are on my Instagram feed @betsy_chutchian or search Instagram for #pickledpinkmysterydollquilt
It was another fun diversion and you can still make it if you wish.

Pickled Pink Doll Quilt

Now go grab Robin's pattern and sew.  And Enjoy!

Until next time!

~ Betsy

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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

BlockHeads 3 Week 9, Taos by Vanessa Goertzen

Happy Moda BlockHeads3 Wednesday!
Today's BlockHeads block 9 is designed by Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique.  I love the name of this block, Taos, one of my favorite places to visit. 

I've been a busy Mimi this week caring for Madison while she is on Spring Break, so this is a short and sweet post....

Here is my version of Taos, in 3 sizes!

First is the 4" version

Next, the 6" version.

And last the 8" version

I love playing with fabrics, can you tell?? I'm mixing Susanna's Scraps, Sarah's Story and Nancy's Needle. Watch for Nancy to arrive this month.

What a great block, thanks Vanessa!

CLICK HERE to download the pattern for Taos.

So here are all 3. They were fun and fast to make, and I love them!
They look so different.

The growing pile...

 And finally a photo of  BlockHeads 2

Have a great week and enjoy making Taos!
Be sure to visit all our designers to see what they have made this week.

Until next time,
~ Betsy

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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Week 8 Moda BlockHeads3 by Laurie Simpson

Happy Wednesday! Today's block 8 for BlockHeads 3 is by Laurie Simpson, 9-Patch Block.
Laurie, like me, likes traditional blocks, and with these, it's all about the fabric.

We actually have 2 blocks for you today.  Laurie's block, as she planned it, couldn't be made in an 8" or 4" size so an alternate was created to give everyone, including me, an 8" block for the quilt.
Of course, that pattern didn't come through until after I made the 6" size...
and then I made the alternate in 8" and 4"!
All are fast and fun to make.

So here are my versions for block 8.

First up, the 6" block from the original pattern. I played with combining Sarah's Story with a dab of  Nancy's Needle in the center.
9-Patch Block

Next, I made the 8" alternate, same fabric lines.

Uneven 9 Patch

and then I made the 4" using all Nancy's Needle prints.
I really like the 4" in just 2 fabrics...such tiny pieces, which I love.

So which will I use in my quilt?  good question and I don't have answer.  I'm the world's worst decision maker.  I love making the blocks, to see how the fabrics work.  Yes, I could cut out all the pieces, but what a waste that would be if I didn't like it.  LOL I would rather cut and sew.  I like having orphan blocks for other sampler quilts, Or maybe I'll need them all in this project.

For Laurie's pattern, CLICK HERE 

Thank you Laurie! I love this block!!!

Please visit all or designers to see what they have made.
Links below.

The BH3 pile is growing....

Happy Sewing!

Until next time,
~ Betsy

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