Wednesday, January 15, 2020

And Sew We Begin...BlockHeads 3

Hi everyone, today's the day...BlockHeads 3!

Are you ready??

We have a few changes this year and are urging everyone to visit each designer each week. When you print your patterns from each designer's blog or website, you will notice 3-4 different sizes of blocks. You choose the size you wish to make...and you can change to a different size each week, if you like.  So many options! This year will be so much fun! Make the blocks in your favorite fabrics...I'm going to make a scrappy version using my Susanna's Scraps,  Sarah's Story and Nancy's Needle that is coming in March.  Enjoy this sewing journey. A few setting options may be available soon, but you don't have to use them. Some designers will be creating their own layouts also....ha ha, not me! I will wait until I see how things are shaping up. Don't wait on me.  I'll be inspired by the fabrics and want time to play with the blocks.  I can't wait to see what you all make.

Be sure to visit the Moda BlockHeads Facebook group for postings of blocks that members have made. 

Here is my version of Block 1
from Corey Yoder

Star Chain

I chose to make a 12" block, but it would be great in any size.
 Fabrics this time, are from Sarah's Story.

Thank you Corey!

Click Here for the link to Corey's blog and pattern and tips

I enjoyed making Star Chain, and I'm sure you will too!

Please visit all the designer's below to see their versions.

Thanks for visiting me!

Until next time

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Getting ready for next week...

Hi everyone!  Here we are one week away from the kickoff for BlockHeads 3.  Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday and that you are ready to start making blocks!  

I have starter bundles ready to go.  First to be served, will be those who responded in December's post.  Here's what I need from email address!  Once I have your email address I'll send you a PayPal invoice (request for payment) and Viola! You will receive your bundle as soon as possible. (I combined both assortments that I showed last month thanks to some advance yardage of Nancy's Needle)  I have a limited number as shown, but may be able to kit more with a few substitutions.

Betsy's starter bundle
52 fat  1/16 prints
9" x 11" pieces
 (3 1/4 yards total)
$48 including shipping in the US

I may have added a few special prints from Susanna's Scraps. ;)
I had a hard time narrowing down to just 52!
I love the assortment and can't wait to make the first blocks!

 Couldn't resist putting all these yummy chocolates on top.  They look good enough to eat, right??

Please let me know If you are still interested or if you are just now seeing my offer.
If you want to email me, my address in is the profile.

Mailings will be in USPS Priority envelope for a quick arrival, beginning Monday, Jan 13. I'll be away a few days until then, making BlockHeads blocks.

Look for fun Wednesdays ahead!!!

See you next week!

BH3 designers:

Corey Yoder
Sherri McConnell
Betsy Chutchian
Jan Patek
Brigitte Heitland
Lisa Bongean
Lissa Alexander
Laurie Simpson
Vanessa Goertzen
Stacy Iest Hsu
Robin Pickens 
Janet Clare
Jen Kingwell
Joanna Figueroa

Monday, December 16, 2019

Announcement...BlockHeads 3 is coming

Good Monday morning!

I'm happy to announce, that next month in mid January, we will begin BlockHeads 3! Watch for more details and a few rule changes. More on the plan for a fun year of blocks to come.

Here is my quilt from last year's BH2.

Photo was taken then it went to be quilted and is currently hanging in Moda's lobby.

We designers haven't seen all the blocks yet, so I have little to tell other than it is going to be fun!!!

In BlockHeads 1 the 6 designers offered starter bundles and we are doing that again.  Below is a sampling of my palette and the fabrics that will come in my bundle.
I'll start with Sarah's Story, which is in shops now, and add a sprinkling of Susanna's Scraps. A second bundle will be available when Nancy's Needle arrives in the Spring.

Here are swatches of what I'm planning over 2 bundles, and by the time we get to April, I might add more, or not. I'm not sure the number yet. Fabrics will be cut in fat 1/16 (9"x11") pieces and will fit in a priority envelope for domestic delivery.
I'll get the details worked out, and will take orders then, after Christmas.
If my palette strikes your fancy, you can leave me a comment now. Number of bundles will be limited. I know it's a hard decision when you don't know where you are going.

Famous quote from my husband, "I don't know where I'm going, but follow me anyway!

I've been in an extreme time crunch and the holidays are in the way, LOL. Not really, but it's a juggling act to get the house decorated and make quilts and write patterns all at the same time. NO baking yet, but cookie making with my daughter and granddaughter is later this week.
Sarah's Story is here at my house, still in the boxes. I'm hoping if things go smoothly, for a couple of days, I can get to work on cutting this week.

be sure to follow me on Instagram @betsy_chutchian
for the latest news.

Here is the list of fabulous designers for BlockHeads3

Corey Yoder
Sherri McConnell
Brigitte Heitland
Betsy Chutchian
Jan Patek
Lisa Bongean
Lissa Alexander
Laurie Simpson
Vanessa Goertzen
Stacy Iest Hsu
Robin Pickens 
Janet Clare
Jen Kingwell
Joanna Figueroa

Hope you will join us on this great adventure in quiltmaking!

Enjoy the holiday season!

Until next time,
~ Betsy

Thursday, November 7, 2019

and the winner is.....

I have absolutely LOVED reading all the comments about YOUR Thanksgiving (holiday) favorite mix it ups and the guesses as to my least favorite.

I'm a turkey girl, and this year Thanksgiving is on my birthday.  Since it happens every few years, it can be a wonderful celebration with family or a big mess and birthday is totally ignored.
I have never hosted Thanksgiving. But, I have hosted Christmas for 40 years. my first was at age 23. In our family, tradition has always been that the same menu be served for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.
When I was a kid, because of my birthday being on Turkey Day, Mother didn't want to make a cake, only pies and asked what pie I would like....Chocolate Icebox.
So we have chocolate icebox pie at Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
I've been incharge of the dressing for years....loving making it. Mixing the cornbread, onions, celery, broth and poultry seasoning remind me of Mom and my grandmother in our kitchen, both great cooks....and I cook like they did. The aroma on Thanksgiving morning...heavenly.
I will eat anything except pumpkin pie, even brussel sprouts (which we never have) and green bean casserole. Corn casserole is my husband's favorite, mom's recipe, and I prefer it at Thanksgiving. I LOVE cranberries! and make the cranberry sauce. After having my Aunt Lyda's one year, I never opened another can.
Some of you may follow me on Instagram and saw my Halloween posts, maybe you saw the one where I wrote the only pumpkin spice things I like are jack o' lanterns.
I think it was a texture thing as a kid, because I'm sure my grandmother's would have been fantastic...for everyone else.  LOL

This has been so much fun...Thankfully the random number generator, picked the winner....
Congratulations !!!

who wrote,

My fave is chopping up a cranberry fruit relish vs the canned cranberry sauce. I'm guessing yours is stuffing the turkey.

Deb, I'll email you.

Everyone remember, when entering a giveaway, please include an email.

Thank you ALL for entering.

Thank you Moda and Martingale for providing the items and to all the designers for their creations!

Until next time,
~ Betsy

Monday, November 4, 2019

Mix It Up...Day 1 of a new blog hop and a Giveaway

Hi everyone!
 Welcome to Day 1 of a blog/social media hop for Martingale's newest compilation book, 

 16 quilts from 16 designers. Compiled by Lissa Alexander.

Here is my quilt, Step it Up the book

...with Cake Mix Recipe 8

...on the guest bed

 ...sideways, the way I think I will hang it.

For my quilt I used one Cake Mix Recipe 8 and a total of 26 - 10" squares of assorted cream prints  and a total of 26 - 10" squares of red, indigo, and brown prints from all my collections for Moda.
My best tip for sewing...put the light fabric on top under the cake mix paper.  After cutting the parts apart, press to the dark print with the paper on. 
This keeps your half square triangles nice and square. Then, remove the paper.

I really enjoyed selecting the fabrics for this quilt and equally enjoyed sewing the cream prints to the dark prints with the papers.  Arranging the rows was fun and I think you can see that substituting other colors or, including more colors would be just at good looking.  I will be using this quilt a lot throughout the year, as it fits in perfectly with my decorating scheme. I LOVE this quilt.

I hope you like  Step it Up and the others in the MIX IT UP book! Each and every one is wonderful, designed by very talented quilters.

Would you like a chance to win a prize from me and each of the participants?

Here is my Giveaway....

two Layer Cakes ( Sarah's Story and Bella Solids), one Cake Mix Recipe 8, 
and the Mix It Up book!

Here are the red, indigo and brown prints in Sarah's Story 

and golds and sky blues

Add more red, indigo and brown prints or, use all the colors in Sarah's Story. Add more lights to go with those in Sarah's Story or use the Layer Cake of Bella Solid. 
 Regardless of how you mix it, have fun with Step It Up!!!

Side note...Sarah's Story will be arriving in shops this Month.

If you would like a chance for my giveaway, shown above, please leave me a comment about your favorite thing to 'mix up' for a Thanksgiving get together or dinner, AND a guess as to what might be my least's about that time to gather the recipes and start cooking.

Comments need to be made by Wednesday, November 5th at 10:00pm CST 
when my giveaway closes.
One lucky winner will be announced Thursday morning November 6th. 

Today, I am joined by Susan Ache @yardgirl60 and Martingale @martingaletpp

Please visit Susan and Martingale to see what they are giving away.

Below is a complete listing of participants and the days they will post their quilts and giveaways.

Thank you for visiting and best of luck!

Until next time,
~ Betsy

Monday- 11.4:
Susan Ache - @yardgrl60
Betsy Chutchian - @betsy_chutchian /
Martingale - @martingaletpp /

Tuesday - 11.5:
Zen Chic-Brigitte - @zenchicmoda /
Laurie Simpson - @minickandsimpson /
Moda - @modafabrics /

Wednesday - 11.6:
Kansas Troubles-Lynne - @lynnektq /
Brenda Riddle - @brengr /
Corey Yoder - @corianderquilts /

Thursday - 11.7:
Bunny Hill-Anne - @bunnyhilldesigns /
Lisa Bongean - @lisabongean /
Me & My Sister - @meandmysisterdesigns /
Sherri McConnell - @aquiltinglife /

Friday - 11.8:
Janet Clare - @janeteclare /
Pretty by Hand-Kristyne Czepuryk - @prettybyhand /
Sweetwater - @sweetwaterfabrics /
American Jane-Sandy - @sandyklop /

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

I Can Make That

Hi everyone!

Welcome to I Can Make That blog hop!

Just before Spring Market in Kansas City, Moda designers were asked to create an 18" block from our newest line that would be introduced for Spring Market 2019. My new line is the beautiful Sarah's Story. Sarah will deliver to shops in November.
We designers gave a fun Schoolhouse presentation to shop owners and now we are presenting our creations to you.  And, the patterns are free.  All 18" blocks can be made quickly.  Do a little more sewing and make a sampler quilt, a table runner, or pillows! I chose to make my 18" block into a Pillow.

I knew I wanted to feature my floral in the center. Borders of squares and half square triangles complete the block.  It's like a mini medallion and really fun to make.

Sorry you have to wait until November for the collection to arrive.

3 of my florals that would look great in the center.

Ready to say I Can Make That???

 Click Here for the link for my block. 
Download the pattern and you will be ready to sew.

Below are the dates and designers for the hop. Catch up, or plan ahead!

September 23:  Lella Boutique and A Quilting Life.
September 24:  Kansas Troubles and Corey Yoder 
 September 25:  Crystal Manning and Me & My Sister
September 26:  Jan Patek
September 27:  Robin Pickens
 September 30:  Basic Grey
October 1: Betsy Chutchian and Lisa Bongean 
October 2:  American Jane
On October 3:  Kathy Schmitz
October 4:  Zen Chic and Deb Strain

Hope you enjoy making these blocks!

Come back and visit...if you follow me on Instagram, you know Spring and Summer have been challenging times for me with the massive swelling in my right hand.  No drawing, writing, typing or hand sewing for months does not make a happy Betsy.  Update - its better, but not fixed. Typing, drawing, writing, and sewing with a compression glove is very awkward, and frustrating. Today is my first attempt at typing on the keyboard since February. LOL 
Never give up...

Until next time,
~ Betsy