Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Happy BlockHeads3 Wednesday Week 26 Zig Zags by Janet Clare and Winners!!

Happy Wednesday! Not only do we have the cute block, number 26 by Janet Clare but I am finally announcing the winners on last week's giveaways.
One would think that all this staying at home would leave me with some free time...ha ha. 
Isn't there always something that needs tending to, I haven't even sewn more that a block or two since last where did the week go?? Taxes.  Days of working on the taxes that we were so happy to have postponed from April! 
I hope you had enjoyed a nice 4th of July.  Ours was very quiet, just the two of us at home.
Kids in the neighborhood shot off fireworks for days.  Where did they get them?? Without the normal huge 4th of July displays to go watch, it was just not the same to watch on TV.

Here's Janet's cute block.

Zig Zags by Janet Clare

Zig Zags makes me think of winding roads, you know the S signs on the road when you are driving in the mountains...switchback curves...a little summer dreaming here...of mountains, not flat Texas and cooler climates!!!

Thanks Janet! I enjoyed playing with triangles, and options!

for Janet's blog and the pattern.
 Be sure to visit all our designers to see what they have made this week.

Below, is my original choice of fabrics, but to me, the two blues were not close enough in value so I pieced more triangle squares and I'm happy with the above block, which is the 4" version

I had some fun playing with the leftover HSTs. This could be a second block. Or, I might save them for fill in parts when it's time to assemble.


Flying Geese

Lots of options!

Have fun playing with fabrics, triangles and sizes of blocks.

Now to announce the winners of last week's giveaways. 
The random number generator has spoken...
I divided everyone into categories according to the book you selected, that's why I needed to know if you were in the USA because I do the mailing. Everyone was in the running for digital version of Mini Marvels. Four different chances to win, four times to hit the number generator.
Thank you all for entering. I loved reading your comments!
I'm sure glad the random generator does the picking!
Thanks to those who included their emails, as I'll be contacting you asap.

Mini Marvels goes to Dani VW
I'm sending your email to our liaison at Martingale and She will send you your digital copy, your eBook.

 For these 3 winners,  I'll need physical addresses so please watch for an email from me.

On a Roll goes to KMSC

Merry Makers goes to Margaret Crow

Mix It Up goes to Karen at Breezy Point


I hope you enjoy these Moda All Star books!

Do you know that proceeds from  the sale of each book goes to charity? 
Isn't that awesome? 

Stay safe, stay well, wear a mask, and SEW!

Until next time,
~ Betsy

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Moda BlockHeads week 25, catching up, and a giveaway

Well, Happy Moda BlockHeads Wednesday! My apologies for not posting for several weeks. Now it's time to catch up.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know I've continued to post blocks there, and on the Facebook group.  Like all of you, I'm saddened by issues in the news, stressed with cabin fever, and sick at the thought of what to cook for dinner. Are you as tired of preparing 3 meals a day as I am??? We were lucky to have a chance to dine in a restaurant with our kids, for Father's Day but wow, it was weird.  Now, it's back to take out....and cooking. I've been enjoying sewing just for me, not for a post or for business, just for me. And, now that the market quilts are back from my quilter, I'm enjoying a little time in the evening with needle and thread, binding.

Hope you will stick with me through this long post for a treat.....blogger is acting up so links may not be working when you read this...soooo frustrating.

First, this weeks block is by Robin Pickens

Corner Garden

I made a 6" version this week with Nancy's Needle fabrics, mostly.

 I'm hard pressed to find blooming flowers in my yard.  
This little dab of pink bloom is from a dragon's wing begonia.
When I married, almost 44 years ago, my paternal grandmother gave me a pot of angel wing begonias. She could literally stick her thumb in the ground and it would take root.  I spent 2 weeks with Mama and Papa every summer and loved hanging out in their yard, it was like going through a city's botanical garden.  Over the years that original plant grew and many cutting made more fabulous blooms.  Cats and kittens have slept under the lush leaves and giant cascading blooms.  Thought I had lost the last remnant of it last winter, but just today I noticed the scraggly plant is starting to to bloom.  Bless you Mama, You blessed my home 44 years ago and through that plant, and my cherished memories, you are with me still. I've got two stems by the kitchen window taking root now.
Mama Reed taught me to sew on a treadle one summer. that passion took root...just wish I had her gift of gardening.

For Robin's pattern Corner Garden Click Here
Link will take you to her blog.

Now to catch up with the last few blocks....

And the pile!

Hope you are still with me!

Now, on to the surprise giveaway....

Over on Istagram, or on any social media platform the designers choose, Moda amd Martingale are sponsoring an ebook giveaway of the Moda All Stars books.
I'll post the list below so you can enter with each participating designer.  Lots of chances to win!

This is my ebook giveaway Mini Marvels and below it is my project from the book.

 Here are all the projects from 7 books I've been in so far (there are a couple more in the works)

The books...

Still with me???

here is MY surprise giveaway.  Here area a few books and their projects from some I have on hand on hand....would you like one???

 Mountain Climbing 
from On a Roll

Step It Up
from Mix It Up

from  Merry Makers

IF you would like a chance at one of these books, PLEASE follow these instructions:
Pick one and Tell my why you would like it
AND you must leave your email address in the comment, otherwise I'll never be able to let you know you have won!!!

Stay with actual book giveaway is only offered only through comments on the blog, and open only to USA readers.

ALL ebook giveaways are open to readers from all over the world, with comments on the blog

Last request, please say USA in your comment to be considered for the actual books. Every comment goes toward entry in the ebook giveaway. 

Window for this giveaway is short.  
All entries for the giveaways must be received by Friday, July 3rd.
  • All In A Row – No Kid Hungry - Corey Yoder
  • Scraps Made Simple – Alzheimer's Association - Sherri McConnell & Lissa Alexander
  • Mini Marvels – Texas Rite Scottish Hospital - Betsy Chutchian
  • All In A Row Again – Give Kids the World - Stacy Iest Hsu
  • Lucky Charm Quilts – Alex's Lemonade Stand - Brigitte Heitland
  • Merry Makers – Marine Toys For Tots - Lisa Bongean & Joanna Figueroa
  • Mini Charm Quilts – Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dogs - Jen Kingwell & Jan Patek
  • On A Roll – School on Wheels - Janet Clare
  • Mix It Up – Feeding America - Laurie Simpson  
  • Two, Four, Six, Eight – Special Olympics - Vanessa Goertzen
Thank you everyone visiting today and for following me.
I'm a haphazard blogger and storyteller, I share what's going on and on my mind and sometimes ideas in my head, and some days I'm just a mess. 

I can't get the links to all the designers on the post today. Sorry. Like I said blogger is acting up. Fingers crossed this posts!!!

okay...last thing...visit all the designers, and Robin for sure, and don't forget to leave a comment for Mini Marvels ebook or, for one of my books. 

Stay safe, stay well, wear a mask, and sew!

Until next time,
~ Betsy

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Happy BlockHeads Wednesday. Week 21, XOXO by Lissa Alexander

Happy Block Heads Wednesday. Welcome to week 21, XOXO by Lissa Alexander, aka ModaLissa. As you can imagine, XOXO is a really cute block for hugs and kisses.  Couldn't we all use some hugs and kisses from our kiddos?

Seems like all I do is take photos and sew these days.  I'm glad I'm busy with lots going on as usual. At the end of the post, I'll share more of Elinore's Endeavor fabric and story.


This is a fun block to piece,  I made a 6" block.  All fabrics are Nancy's Needle.
Thanks Lissa!

The photo is bugging me....seam allowances.
Good thing it will be fine when stitched into the quilt!

for Lissa's blog and the pattern.

Don't to forget to check on everyone else to see what they have made.

The wall, with this week's addition.

And now Elinore

I'm forever inspired by the story of strong women, women who regardless of circumstance, endeavor to make the best of every situation.

Elinore Pruitt Stewart was born in Indian Territory of what is now Oklahoma, in 1876.  She and her siblings were orphaned in 1894.  She cared for her siblings until she married in 1902 and shortly before her daughter was born in 1906, Elinore lost her husband in a railroad accident.
Alone, with and infant to raise, Elinore and Jerrine moved to Denver and found employment frist doing laundry and then housekeeper for a widowed schoolteacher.  In 1909, Clyde Stewart placed an ad in the Denver Post seeking a housekeeper. Elinore answered the ad and packed up Jerrine and took the train to Wyoming, with her head set on claiming her own homestead.
Life was hard on the ranch with Mr Stewart.  Chores and taking care of Jerrine and helping with the animals took up most days , but Elinore did visit neighbors, helped deliver babies, and took Jerrine camping. Elinore filed a claim next to Mr Stewart and not long after they married.
Elinore wrote letters to her friend and former employer of her days in Wyoming and those letter were published in Atlantic Monthly magazine and later published in a book, Letters of a Woman Homesteader.  In 1979, and movie was made about her life, Heartland.
If you would like to know more about Elinore, the book is available on Amazon, or the library, and try to find, or rent's wonderful.

Elinore was an inspiration as well as the time period, late 1800s.   Lots of blacks, indigos, cadet blues chocolates and shirtings were my choice for colors and prints....then we added an early big floral and another of those wonderful netting designs, also early to where the time period spans 1830-1910.
I showed the quilts I made, last week, now this week I'm showing the fabric.
 I love fabric, did you know that??? LOL
Romantic florals mix with practical, everyday prints so that I think we have something for everyone.

That's it for me this week. If you like what you see, please tell your local shop as it now being shown for orders. Elinore's Endeavor will ship to shops in November.
Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time,
~ Betsy

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Week 19 and 18 Moda BlockHeads

Happy Wednesday!
Between an old out of date computer, blogspot changes, and secret sewing for a virtual Quilt Market, I have fallen behind on my blogging.  I need a new computer.  How does one shop for a computer during a pandemic?? I am not a techy person, so not sure what I will need, or want or what is even available. 

Lets start with Brigitte's Compass Point, block 19

My version is 6"

A mixture of Nancy's Needle, Sarah's Story, Susanna's Scraps and the pink is from Harriet's the pink was at the top of the scrap basket. and the right size. LOL

for the pattern and Brigitte's tips.

Now Jan's beautiful applique which is missing a leaf....Thought it was stitched, but in transit for the photo, it fell and I didn''t notice.  oops

 for Jan's pattern and her awesome applique tips, if you haven't already.

The pile, minus Compass Point.

Here is a first look at Elinore's Endeavor, the subject of my weeks of secret sewing.

Thanks so much for your patience with me and this old computer.

The surprise I have been talking about should post to Instagram sometime today or tomorrow.
So, be watching. :-)

Until next time,
~ Betsy

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