Wednesday, July 20, 2022

My Turn! Moda Blockheads4

Thank you All for the nice response to my test blog! I’m back today with MY block Crowning Glory, number 18, for BH4.  If I had known how hot it would be this month, I would have named it Blazing Glory!

In case you are new to following me, since I’ve been away from blogging for a couple of years, this is my 4th time to be a Moda Blockheads designer. Each series has been fun and different. This time we have lots of Moda designers and I hope you will visit them to see what they have made. 

My pile of tiny blocks is growing…and while I’ve thought of settings, I’ll wait until we are finished to let the tiny blocks tell me what type of little quilt they want to be. Do you have a plan from the beginning, or like me, you let the mood move you?

On top of the pile is today’s 4 1/2” version. I made it first.  

And then I made  the 9” version, thinking I might make a medallion setting. Still thinking! The larger version certainly went together quicker than the 4 1/2” version! LOL
I love this combination.

Now let’s break down the assembly, which is basically a 9 Patch.

Top row above shows the hour glass unit before trimming. I like cutting squares for an hourglass 1/8” or 1/4” larger before stitching. It makes trimming to size so much easier.  Hourglasses in middle and bottom rows are trimmed. 

Below, you can see how I pressed.  I flip the seam intersection of each hourglass, and clip next to the seam allowance so you may press the seams to nest with the half square triangle units. This makes for a smooth construction and ultimately a flat block without big bumps.  

I got excited that Kate’s Garden Gate should be shipping this week. So I just had to make a another 4 1/2” cutie combining Mary Ann and Kate. 
Side note, Kate was Mary Ann’s mother in law.

                          I hope you enjoy making Crowning Glory. Here is the link to the pattern.

For more with me and today’s block, visit Moda’s blog,  Instagram @betsy_chutchian or Moda Blockheads on Facebook. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time,

~ Betsy

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Catching Up

 Good morning from a very hot Texas.

As you’ve noticed, I haven’t written a blog post in 2 years. Why? Many reasons, but primarily, I say what want and need to say, over on Instagram. In the last 2 years, computers have crashed, new one is impossible to work and I have been hacked way too many times.   it’s exhausting ! And I feel like the world is in a mess and it’s terribly frightening  so, I stopped blogging. 

This post is a test, LOL not to see if you comment but to see if I can load photos from the iPad.  You may comment if you want  ; ) 

Ok! I’ve been participating in ModaBlockheads4 and here is block 17, Shoreline by Camille of Thimbleblossoms.  Super cute block in tiny 4 1/2” size. Find the pattern on Moda’s blog or @thimbleblossoms on Instagram. Please visit Camille if you get the chance. 

That’s all I’ve got for now…stay cool and sew!

My little loves,  a few weeks ago. Be still my heart. 

Until next time 

~ Betsy

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Moda Blockheads week 46, Roses by Jan Patek

 Happy Moda Blockheads Wednesday!

Today is Jan Patek’s day for Roses, block 46

I LOVE this block! I’m thinking a whole quilt of these would make a fine Christmas quilt, don’t you?

Because some of you have eagle eyes, the shapes are perfectly in place for the photo, not stitched down. I think this will make for some lovely stitching on quiet evenings. I’m all caught up with the other appliqu├ęs. 

For Jan’s lovely pattern, Click Here

Be sure to visit our other designers to see what they have made. 

Thank you all for the wonderful stories on last week’s post. I loved reading every one of them. I’ve posted the winner of the layer cake on the Moda Facebook group. 

There is another giveaway running until Friday on my Instagram feed @ betsy_chutchian for 
Red anGreen Quilts book from Martingale, if you would like to enter. 

This is my quilt. 
It’s on the cover. ☺️

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time, 
stay safe and well. 
~ Betsy


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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Moda Blockheads3 It’s my week for Block 45 Songbird

Happy Wednesday! It’s my week for block 45, Songbird.

As I mentioned last week, we are in the final round of blocks, so this is the last one you will have from me. This is my 3rd time to participate in Blockheads and I love it. I sincerely hope you have enjoyed the journey, each week visiting our blogs, Instagram and Facebook postings.


 I have to admit, the real name of this block is Vermont, but I changed it.  I like to connect the block and the name. If you follow me, you know I like a good story. I see things in blocks. Vermont didn’t speak to me, but I did see bird beaks.  Now the weird thing is, I’m not fond of birds, but I do like to listen to birds the distance.  Yes, I’m weird.

Before you race to download my block, I have a few tips to share, more photos, and information for a giveaway.

I made 4 blocks. One 8”, one 4” and two 6”, to try different fabric combinations, and make notes that I hope will give you the best results. So here are my tips for Songbird:

1. Starch all fabrics before cutting.

2.  I suggest adding 1/8” to each measurement given for half square triangles. Make HSTs and trim according to the pattern instructions  

3.  You will want to select one combination of HSTs and press to the light.   Press the other combination to the dark.  This enables the seams to nest.

4. The diagonal design poses potential seam allowance issues. I have a way for you to test your sewing before piecing the entire block and discovering that your block is too small, or too big. For example, below is the center section for a 6” block as a check to see that your opposite corners reach 6 1/2” marks on the cutting mat. If the section does not go to 6 1/2”, either too big or to small, this is the time to adjust by either taking a wider seam or a narrower seam by a thread or two in the last seams you made to assemble this section. Assemble the remaining parts in the same manner, according to your adjustment if necessary. Your seam allowance may be spot on, I however have a gremlin in my machine  LOL and my 4” was too big. 

Use this guide to measure the other sizes, 4 1/2”, 8 1/2”, and 12 1/2” using either a square ruler, or cutting mat.

I love playing with fabrics....
8” block
Plaids are from Elinore’s Endeavor.

6” block

6” block

Click HERE for Songbird pattern. 

Please check on our other designers to see what they have made. Links below.

Now for the giveaway....  Remember I said I like a good story? At a time when we are missing family gatherings, and the decision of whether to gather for Thanksgiving is so emotional, and difficult. I’ve been thinking of funny things that have happened over the years at our family get togethers. I’d love to hear one of your funny traditions or memories of  your gatherings.  Something that makes you smile or giggle thinking about it. Here’s one of my favorites from Halloween 2012. 

We hosted Halloween parties for years. In 2012, Matt was a “serial” killer aka “cereal” as you can see inside his suit coat LOL, and my Mother was a black widow spider. My parents always came in costume. Such a fun memory of happy times.  Aren’t you glad I don’t have a photo of my grandfather as he asked my grandmother one holiday why he had on two pairs of underwear. The vision is forever in my memory as is the sound of all of everyone laughing. Smiling as I write. 
A layer cake of my lovely Elinore’s Endeavor will be sent to the lucky winner randomly selected from comments made on my post for Songbird in the Moda Blockheads Facebook group. You will need to make your comment there for a chance to win.

I look forward to reading your funny family stories. Winner will be announced next Tuesday, November 24 in the Facebook group.

A new giveaway!
Go to my Instagram feed @betsy_chutchian to enter a chance to win Barbara Brackman’s NEW Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Blocks. All the details are on my IG post. Good luck!!!

Until next time, 
stay safe and well. 
~ Betsy


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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Moda Blockheads3 Week 44 by Sherri McConnell

I really like the name for this week. We are a community. 

Sorry I’ve been absent for a while. Lots going on as usual, plus a lot of trouble with my email program, iPhone an desktop. Yes, I need a new phone and desktop. I’m typing on the iPad which I’ve not been able to do until tonight. I’m awful with technology, tech anything so if this blog posts, I will be amazed. 

My version of Community 

                                                  First I made the 8” block then ....

...a 4” version.

Click Here for Sherri’s pattern.

I saved all the cut away triangles from making the flying geese in the 8“ to make a little 4”cutie with 16 triangle units.
Here are some options for consideration...

These little extras are going to come in handy when I’m ready to set my quilt. Hope you enjoy the last round of blocks. My last block will be next week. 

Until next time,
~ Betsy

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Moda BlockHeads 3 block 38 from Stacy Iest Hsu

 Happy Wednesday

Here we are in Week 38 with a Fractured Rainbow for Moda BlockHeads3.  Stacy has created a lovely block for us this week, very colorful and really scrappy...I love it.

You'll see from my photos how the block should be assembled as Stacy created, and then what I ultimately sewed together, after a few encounters with the seam ripper.

Selecting the fabrics for the rainbow is so much fun, and if you are like me, it's hard to decide which prints to choose. I chose the 8" block this time.

Fabrics are from Susanna's Scraps, Sarah's Story, Nancy's Needle and a few from Elinore's Endeavor. Just blink and Elinore will be here. Isn't November like next week? LOL, all days are flying by. Where did summer go, locked up in this house, I missed it!!!

First photo is what I originally selected and sewed together.

First, the light blue corner was in the wrong is conveniently missing... oops, so I ripped it out and sewed in correct position. Then I decided to take out the dark pink stripe because it bothered me. After I ripped it out, and re sewed, I had sewn 2  wrong....oops. Rip again or, keep and continue sewing?

I kept it as I sewed, wrong, but cute, I think.

Please go to Stacy's blog to download the pattern.  

Enjoy the process, and hopely you will not need a seam ripper. And, check out our other designers, links below.

Below are the last few blocks. 

I haven't been up to writing for quite a while...I go through phases where I enjoy writing and want to tell you a story.  Lately, the only thing I have to tell is agonizing over the road construction of my street. So why tell the story now....It's been going on since April....what a giant mess.  Curbs and gutters and new sidewalks went in beautifully with only a few rainy weather days to delay.  Projected time to finish the street was the end of August.  HMMM it's now the end of September.
A few weeks ago, the city was ready to pave. They had created the longest dust bowl in Texas, removing the layers of old pavement where we now have, gray grass, gray leaves, gray cars, gray doors and windows, and now gray pumpkins. Well, 2 weeks ago one worker told Steve there might be a gas line issue, another said no problem. After Steve calls the gas company, they said they would check on the issue and call the next, they called the next morning. Main gas line for the street was 4" from the surface, had to be replaced and set deeper. ok. Why didn't they know this before getting to this point??? Then the crew ran into water and sewer line issues, then hit a gas service line a couple of houses away, nothing bad happened but I'm a nervous wreck. Fire trucks with hoses stretched and ready. Oh yay. Now every house is getting new lines and meters. All has to be done before the street can be paved. New projected finish date is end of October.  We shall see. Today they have dug the 4th giant hole in our yard in prep for shutting off the gas and replacing the line and meter. Scary. Every house has the same story. I swear one hole next door is deep enough to bury several bodies. The noise has been tremendous and except for rainy days, non stop. Most weekends have been quiet, thankfully. We are all congested and the dust is unending, but luckily allergy meds keep my sniffer working.

Actually, Fractured Rainbow is a very appropriately named block, for me, this week. I'm a fractured mess. And if a rainbow appeared, it would be in shades of gray. Thanks Stacy for a colorful diversion.

Blocks from the last few weeks...

Hope you enjoy making Stacy's block.

Stay well and take care.

Until next time,
~ Betsy

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Happy Wednesday! Today is my day for Week 31 Moda BlockHeads3

Happy Wednesday! Today is my day for Week 31 Moda BlockHeads3

Basket Collector

I am a collector of baskets, like so many of my collections, I inherited Mother's collection too. I love everything about them, especially the handmade. They are practical, useful and works of art...just like our quilts! I've compiled photos of a fraction of the collection.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea...and stay a while. Lots to show you.....

3 blocks, 3 baskets

We will talk blocks in a minute...

I love sewing baskets and sewing stuff. I finally found the missing leaf, now I can finish Jan's block.

Nancy's Needle, in a quilt, candy in the basket, and a basket of just a few pincushions. LOL

4" block in Elinore's Endeavor. 

6" block Nancy's Needle with Sarah's Story and Susanna's Scraps and a tiny bit from Elinore. 

8" block all Nancy's Needle with a bit of Sarah's Story.

Let's talk making baskets...and the construction of. You will see in your pattern, one way of making the large cream triangle section. below is another way. I'm all about choices. Once you have your pattern in hand you will see the difference, and see why I wanted to show you this alternative. Pick the method for you or combine the methods, as I did.

Look at the pieced brown triangle, our pattern gives that construction for the basket base, for the background, and for the empty space above the base. The pieced version will have a lot of seams coming together and you will need to press so that seams nest or press open. Below you will see the pieced triangle version for the background below the base.

Note the large triangle matches the pieced triangle. I'll give you the size square to cut if you would like to use that method.

The 6" block

and below, the fussy cut center, the reason for the alternative construction, with a fussy base..
and next to it the pieced triangle unit for the background corner. Can you see the seams?

Click Here for the pattern Basket Collector

If you would like a fussy cut filling for your basket, or background, or even a plain basket base, here are the cutting instructions:

for the 4" block, cut one square 2 7/8"

for the 6" block, cut one square 3 7/8"

for the 8" block, cut one square 4 7/8"

for the 12" block, cut one square 6 7/8"

Cut each square in half, diagonally.

Regardless, of how you make this basket block, I hope you enjoy it. and NO, you don't have to make 3 sizes!

More baskets???

Basket of Eliza's Indigo fat quarters

Big basket of plaids and a bread basket full of ribbons

Just the right spot

                                       big laundry basket of yardage for backings, and a quilt 

Picnic baskets, cool basket and a basket purse form the 1960's (mom's)

All Mom's, except for the one on the right with the Christmas cactus that won't bloom.

I use baskets for storage and for decoration. There ARE more. LOL. I've shown enough.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay well and stay safe. 

Until next time,

~ Betsy

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