Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Feeling FRIVOLous

Who me? Yes, Miss Practical, Miss keep all the pieces, Miss lover of leftovers. I can be FRIVOLous. Doing something just because it makes me happy when I know good and well I have WAY to much to do and TOO many deadlines. OR, Buying something for no other reason than it makes me happy. FRESH flowers. Coffee. FABRIC. Transferware. Wooden carriers. TINS.  I'm a collector. It's FRIVOLous. For my daughter, it's DVDs and shoes for Madison. I had tennis shoes, school shoes and go to church shoes. Long narrow feet that nothing fit. Madison has way more shoes than she needs, but they are so darn cute! And FRIVOLous.
In days long past, a Happy purchase would probably be a hat. No one ever went to church without a hat! I always thought they and the ladies who wore them were so cool. Pretty. Necessary? Not really. An adornment? Yes. Hat Collectors. Sweet.

FRIVOL3 featuring my Eliza's Indigo!

Molly is checking it out. Look how practical the tin is, besides darn cute!! A TIN full of goodies. Pattern and fabric for a darling little quilt. Note pad. Extra pattern, see below. And one of my favorite quotes...The longest journey begins with a single step. Love it more every time I read it.

A perfect 'happy'. Have you ever heard that expression? My cousin Lynn says it. It's a gift for no reason, just because. She also has a group of friends who get together for happy hour...they call themselves 'happy girls'. Ok, I'm easily side tracked, but trust me, I'm right on with this FRIVOLity.  

And, here we are in the holiday season. Gift giving time. I think Lynn needs one. And Rachel. She loves containers, even though it wont match her decor! Perfectly FRIVOLous!  and  of course all happy girls!

Who doesn't need one, or want one ???

Santa knows a 'happy' when he sees one. Make someone happy (be VERY happy you can't hear me singing) with a Frivol...Frivol3.

Oh, One last thing on FRIVOLing...
I whipped up the darling extra pattern in my tin...
A 'happy' for ME! or a sweet friend...just because. 

~Until next time...
My best wishes this holiday season,