Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Alternate winners

A week after announcing winners for the Frivols tin, Molly has selected two new winners. Sorry, only Lauren came forward! 
So new winners are Wendy Reed Caton and Victorian Girl. 
Please email me your addresses so I can get the tins in the mail to you!

Thanks for ALL the comments. I enjoyed reading each and every one. 

Last week I taught a Blended Quilt retreat, should call it Low Volume and yummy!
Creative takes on early 1800's chintz quilts. Smooshy was the goal and they all did great! Hope you can see in the photo the beautiful work they all did! 

Just look at this awesome inspiration board. Yummy. 

Ok hope to hear from the two new winners. 
Thanks so much for following me!

Until next time~

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


If you are Lauren H, Cindy H or Holly Field, you have won a Frivol. Please email me with your addresses. 
Molly  sends her congrats!

Please remember when commenting that you need to have an email address so I can reply or reach you. Many have non-reply when  I tried to contact. So if I can't reach, or hear from you I'll be picking new winners. 

Until next time~Betsy

Friday, April 8, 2016

Frivolous Friday

Back in August Moda started a year long Frivol program. Surely you have heard of them by now. There are 3 months left. Still plenty of time to collect!
 I was honored to have my first line, Eliza's Indigo, selected for Frivol 3. A super cute tin, which holds fabric, two patterns, a pocket notebook and a quote. 
Different Frivols have different goodies inside, a good reason to collect! I have now opened 2, One I keep pristine and the other I'll be packing with little sewing necessities,
This is the cute extra 'maker' block.
The pattern for it is on the other side of the card.  The card that says...

I love quotes. This one has spoken to me since May of 2000. Why then? My daughter Rachel, quoted these words in her salutatorian speech. Along with a few other quotes, she eloquently spoke that evening, held our attention and left all the moms in the stadium without a dry eye. Of course her focus was on leaving the familiarity of high school and going away to college, starting a journey toward adulthood and a career. 
Just two years later, those words came back to mind as I was diagnosed with breast cancer. "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Since then I've applied it to everything and certainly my journeys...treatment, quilting, caring for my parents and more.
Whether a physical journey, or a spiritual journey, there is always a first step. Without that step, we stand still. When we stand still we don't grow, we don't experience, and we don't have fun. So we need more frivolity! More antique quilts to buy! More fabric, more brown transferware or blue or wooden boxes and carriers or TINS,,, Collecting make me happy.

 Need to start a journey, or are you one one? So my advice: take a deep breath and take that step. There is always something  to be learned. And maybe have some fun along the way. Journeys take different paths and don't have a time limit either. Nor, a set course. 

This was in the doctors office yesterday. Routine bloodwork. They have a nice inspiration board... full of quotes! 

Be inspired. Be brave. Try something new. There is always a new quilt make!!! and fabric to collect!!!

My friend Annette posted this on Instagram, and I reposted. She made the little quilt pattern in my tin. So cute!

Most everything I do has a purpose.  A reason. 

There is frivolity in playing with my granddaughter. 

Madison and Minnie Mouse, and boxes from United Notions in the background. LOL. In our pajamas, most of the day. Totally Frivolous!

When was the last time you did something just for fun?  Tell me a frivolity of yours in a comment, or simply a comment on this post and I'll send a Frivol to a lucky winner, or two, or three. Chances to win end at midnight Monday April 11 Texas time. 

Visit other Moda designers, Minick and Simpson, Brenda Riddle, American Jane, just to name a few,  as we celebrate Frivols. You will see postings on Instagram and Facebook too. Look for hastags. #modafrivolousfriday and #modafrivols

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Classic and Heirloom day

Fat Quarter Shop and It's Sew Emma have been having a sew along with the patterns in my book, Classic and Heirloom so I had to join in the fun. 

I've seen some great projects made from my designs, but in different fabrics on Instagram. 
Often we see a quilt in a particular color scheme and either want to make our own just like it, or are turned off because it's not 'our' color. 

Classic designs never go out of style. Sometimes I think we should only have patterns in greyscale so we can be imaginative. LOL Have I just dated myself?  Isn't that the way some of the really old patterns were, black and white?

But oh my goodness, I do love color. I love the fabric choices we have. I love the creative process. I'd love to see what you make!

So the little quilt you see above, has Mary Ann's Baskets made in my new Bramblewood fabric that will be in shops in May. Yes, you read correctly, May. 

I read a great and appropriate sewing area description earlier today-room of doom. If you saw mine now with all the prep for Spring Quilt Market, that what you would think-room of doom!  But there in THAT messy room ideas bloom. I just forget where I put them. ;-)

Until next time~