Sunday, March 11, 2012

I discovered this cute idea yesterday at an antique show.  Two different booths had huge collections of flash cards.  Who would have thought???  Anyway, I selected cards to spell QUILTS and then found this folding ruler at an antique mall. Placing the ruler on top of an old quilt.  Fun.  I tried to find QUILT on a flash card but no luck.

Antiquing was a good treat yesterday after a somewhat frustrating week. Worked the Dallas Quilt Show, but didn't take any pictures.  Health issues with my parents are occupying my time and my thoughts.

                                                                 And then there is....

Miss innocent Molly....

She plead her case and really was innocent.  I walked a little too quickly past the portable design wall and down came two days worth of arranging and rearranging a project.  Molly got to enjoy the mess without being in trouble, for a change.

I've enjoyed seeing some of my projects lately on some wonderful Gone to Texas quilt for one,  here Fabulous job Ruth! and was quilted on her home machine! If the right entry doesn't pop up, scroll until  you see the right post.
Next, see Gathering Baskets here Just beautiful Lea!
Then Taryn is starting Indigo Double Nine Patch from History Repeated. See her blog entry here ouch! Hope her thumbs are better. You can see my quilt in a prevoius post on Blue quilts.
What fun to see quilts from my books!

I never tire of looking this quilt and its hundreds of fabrics.  Talked with an antique dealer about his quilts yesterday and funny we share similar tastes...while loving and appreciating all quilts, our favorites are the ones that were made to be used, and like my much loved quilt here, unfortunately a little worn out. 
For us, just shows they were well loved. 
My antique quilt...Gone to Texas

Until next time....