Saturday, July 30, 2016

Just Toasty

Why yes I am, quite Toasty in Texas!!! Lol. 
After all it is the middle of summer, hot fill in the blank. So what do Texans do if we can't escape to the mountains for a cool break? We dream of crisp cool October air!!! 
So get ready for fall with a vintage inspired quilt in colors of persimmon, bittersweet, sable and parchment. Dream of Snuggle time with a good book or the love in your life. 
I'm making kits. Please let me know if you would like one. 

What are you doing this summer? I had great plans after Spring Market for all sorts of things: clean up and organize the sewing room, sew for the next book, study more women's stories for my club and keep up with sewing for the club, be more interactive and post more on social media, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. LOL. The results of my great plan? Mixed, but in good shape with club! 
LIFE happens. Stuff gets in the way of plans. One of these days I'll stop complaining about what isn't getting done. Just watch for it-it's going to happen- I'm going to get caught up!
Some days I think I'm just like a dog who sees a squirrel, drops the bone, and chase ensues. IDEAS!!! They are like that. When they come you drop everything else. I've done a lot of that lately.  Of course there are other real distractions that take up time and space. Like waiting in a doctor's office for 2 hours! And then waiting weeks for results, only to find you have to go to another doctor, wait 2 more hours and more weeks for results. UGH. TIME EATERS! 

I was able to go on a wonderful retreat with friends. Made some sewing progress while visiting. So nice. Another retreat is coming up. Can't wait. 

Spent some fun time last week with Madison. She 'cooked' dinner for me. She has the cutest red kitchen. Pretend cooking is so funny. In her world everything is better with ketchup...but not in Mimi's coffee! Just try to say 'yum' to that! I dare you. ;-)

I'll close with a few more of my quilts from Bramblewood ... I have the patterns too, if you like. One of these days, I get an Etsy shop going. It was on the to do list this summer too. But for now just email me. 

Until next time, you dream of cooler weather, toasty, cozy, and cuddle worthy quilts. I'll dream of cooler weather, new quilts, an organized sewing room, playing with Madison, and Doctor results! Lol. 

~ Betsy