Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Bye 2012

Here we are, the last day of 2012.  Thank goodness tomorrow is not just a new day, but a new year!!!
2012 has not been the best for my family, so it is wish great anticipation we are lloking forward to 2013.
I'm sure you all thought I was through with blogging since I haven't posted since October, but no I have been just so pressed to finish the new book, that little time was left to spare and something had to give.  Quilt Market, Thanksgiving, photo shoot in Kansas City, Christmas, well, simply too much to do in a tight time frame.
Thankfuly everyone is well and son Matt starts a new job January 2. Of course that changes everything for me concerning Mom's care at night...details to be worked out. Mom and I both were very fortunate to have his care as long as we did.
I have a thank you note from One Safe Place to post, but can't get it to copy and paste, will work on that.  In the mean time, I delivered 144 pillowcases. I thank you all very much for your participation . 
Time to take down the Christmas trees, yes mutiple trees.  I decided to have smaller trees this year, no room for a big one and I really enjoyed having them scattered throughout the house.

Nice, I captured the defective branches!
See the frosted looking silver balls....easy to do!  When your glass balls get old, don't throw away...cover partially with white glue (drips are good),I used Elmers glue and while wet, pour glitter over the glue ad let dry.  Can be done with any color ball, just match the glitter color. They twinkle and sparkle with the lights.
I throw away nothing, and it shows!  Every once in a while pack ratting comes in handy.
 No room in this house for another thing, but I will not make a resolution I cannot keep. I would love to be organized and know where things are instead of always wasting so much time searching for the thing I cannot find.
All my best for a safe, happy and healthy NEW YEAR,