Friday, August 31, 2012

You are Invited...

Good Friday afternoon to you all!
I've had a couple of productive days working on the new sneak peeks though, sorry.
The only thing I do have to tell on that subject, is one of minor frustration in making 168 half square triangles of what I thought was the perfect size to go on a border, I looked at the strip of triangles with the quilt top and said NO WAY...had to remake in another size.  Good news is that I am much happier with the new size and resulting quilt.  You will see, eventually.
So here is the invitation....
I've been asked to participate  in a Blog Hop, for the month of September, organized by American Patchwork and Quilting!
The subject of the hop is the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge.
...please join me!
My day is September 7 so you will have to return to see my pillowcase and my story. Everyone will have a story to share. :-)
Below you will find the list of participants, you won't want to miss a single day!
Here is the schedule.
1. Welcome from American Patchwork & Quilting (
2. Rashida Coleman-Hale (
3. Olivia and Alayna's Pillowcase Project(
4. Morgan’s Smile Factory (
8. Vanessa Christenson (
9. Andover Fabrics (
12. Robert Kaufman Fabrics (
19. American Patchwork & Quilting Staff(
22. Monica Solorio-Snow (
23. Moda Bake Shop (
24. Andover Fabrics (
25. Roseann Kermes from Rosebud’s Cottage(
26. Ann Kelle for Shannon Fabrics (
27. Therm O Web (
30. Cherri House (
  I hope you will be inspired to participate in this worthwhile cause. If you would like to make a pillowcase and donate Please follow the guidelines by clicking on this link.   There are more than 20 free patterns for you to use.
Have you seen my quilt in the October issue?
Used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting®. ©2012 Meredith
Corporation. All rights reserved.
See you in September!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Decorating for Summer's end and Hail to the computer genius

Today, my horoscope said 'take care of details'. You know how rarely those things are right, but ok, I'll go with it today.  Goodness knows I have plenty of 'details' that need attending!

First, a very BIG thank you to Matt's computer genius friend!!! (not that he is reading my blog) The desktop is up, running and safe once again.  I simply can't imagine anyone knowing what to do to fix that blue screen, but oh my, how I appreciate his knowledge!

So now for something pleasant....Did you decorate for summer?  Would you have selected a patriotic theme to carry you from Memorial Day through 4th of July and Labor Day as I did? Now we are nearing the end of summer and I'm tiring of the look. 
Will change it up after Labor Day.

I thought about this and after unpacking from last weeks program took a few more pictures.
A Log Cabin top...will someday be a summer spread.

I think shirtings say Summer.

Hour Glass from History Repeated,
taken from a weird angle on the bed.

and now a weird quilt....can you identify this pattern?
I buy quilts for lots of different reasons..why this quilt??? The morning print in the alternate square.
The blocks are huge!  Wonder if it would be better scaled down.  Of course!

A Bow Tie variation....???

Well, now here is where I need to be! Attendng to details!

Need a quick little project for your sewing room...
just in case visitors who do not sew need clarification.  Wink, wink!
Sew any size squares of your choice in a diagonal grid.  I cut 2" squares, 50 of them. After sewing the squares together in diagonal rows, layer and quilt as you like; I followed the squares.  I then trimmed the edges even, allowing a 1/4" seam for binding. It is a small project, yes with bias edges, so  I suggest you stay stitch the edge all the way around before binding.   I did put on the binding before stitching the appliques. I drew letters onto freezer paper and cut out the shapes, then pressed them to felted wool, and cut those shapes.  Or, you may wish to trace the letters onto a fusible material like a Heat and Bond, instead of freezer paper, taking care to reverse the letters. Place the words on the quilt and sew with a blanket stitch by hand catching only the top fabric and batting. If you stitch all the way through, be careful not to pull your stitches too tightly.  Enjoy!

Until next time,

Friday, August 17, 2012

Blue screen of death

Quick post to tell all of you I haven't fallen off the planet just into the BLUE hole of computer death.
On the laptop now, which has none of my photos, none of my documents.
This should force me to back up...I've been really bad.
Will try to figure this out...have to get geeks to recover what they can from desktop...please!

Have lots to share. First, have you seen the October issue of American Patchwork and Quilting???

When you have the magazine in hand, turn to page 14.
The magazine did a profile spread on ME!
Please notice Molly got her closeup.  She will thank you.
Last November a fabulous crew from APQ arrived at my door and spent 2 days photographing my house, Halloween collectibles and little quilts and my sewing room!
On page 72 you will find my quilt Harvest Rows. Photo for it was taken in their studio.
Hope you enjoy the visit to my house!

The next news item is that my newest fabric collection, Wrappers has arrived, not complete, 3 bolts didn't make it to UPS, but is on the way now.
Fresh out of the box.

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to the Heart of Texas Rug Hooking Guild in San Antonio. What a room of talented women!  And, what gorgeous, lucious wools!  Oh My! I spoke about Lizzie's wool interests ( the star of  Gone to Texas) written about in her journals from 1857-1882 and gave a trunk show of my quilts, antique and new.
Two weeks before that I was in New Braunfels teaching for their guild. 
All my photos are currently lost in the blue hole, aka blue screen of death.

I'll learn to back up everything and get set up on the laptop. Yes yes I know I should have been backing up.  What can I say, I always thought I'd do it another day.  Miss Scarlet syndrome. and like Miss Scarlet,  I will survive.
I post some on Facebook ( Betsy Reed Chutchian) but that is one place where the geeks said I could have picked up the virus, even with virus protection!

If you have been folowing my son's progress after the vicious hit he took to the face, from a baseball, he had his surgery 3 weeks ago and is doing well. Unfortunately the outpatient surgery was not totally successful in resetting his nose, a full rhinoplasty will have to be done in about 6 months. We had so hoped their would only be the one surgery.

Until next time, be careful out there...and on the computer!!! 

My best,

Friday, August 3, 2012

Question and Answer

Good morning!

I received an interesting question about Mourning Prints from Donna, and thought the answer would make a good post. Wanted my next post ot be about my profile in American Patchwork and Quilting, however my copy has yet to arrive. :-(

Also, short explanation about why I haven't posted lately.  My 25 year old son was seriously injured in a baseball accident.  He is a pitcher and was hit  in the face with a line drive.  OUCH!!!! He has needed MOM...yea! love having him here but not for this reason. Surgery is today to correct his badly broken nose. He was very fortunate that his eyes were ok....they looked awful! but okay.
~now, back to Mourning Prints....

Thank you Donna for raising the question...

"I am curious about the history of the mourning fabrics. Would fabric from mourning clothing eventually be used in quilts? Were black fabrics used always right after a death, then as time went on, other dark color ways chosen for those in mourning? Is there such a quilt in the late 1800 that would be considered a mourning quilt, made from mourning clothing? I am curious of the history of the line of fabrics in the mourning colors. Thank you, lovely fabrics!"

Yes, the dress fabric would eventually be used in patchwork.  Black dresses have traditionally been the choice of clothing after a death in the family.  The closer in relation, the longer one might were 'the black'. Minimum time one year, but there were exceptions. Black dye was not stable in cotton fabric until after the American Civil War, but was very stable, would hold the color, in wool and silk. (chemicals used to adhere the dye to cloth, the mordant, ate away the cotton).
After the war when the dye was stable, the ladies could start with wool or silk in solid black then progress to black cotton prints for everyday wear. As time went on, the dresses would have more cream or white background with black figures , thus appearing gray. The final stage would be purple cotton print dresses if desired. Many would stop with the grays.
Near the end of the 19th century and early 20th century, the fabric market was flooded with black cotton prints. I think any quilt could be called a 'mourning quilt', made in memory of a loved one, but mostly the mourning fabrics were used a in piecing quilts with other fabrics of the time.

My new line, Wrappers, has a number or mourning prints. Here are some other examples from some of my quilts....
Late 1800's Drunkard's Path

This photo shows  one of the document prints for Wrappers, as well as others, in a turn of the century Apple Core top.

This photos has older prints, more in the 1870s and 80's time frame. Lovely Lemoyne Stars in browns and blacks.

I like to answer your questions!

Better close for now and get ready to go take Matt for his surgery.  Thanks for the diversion this morning! Good luck Matt!!!

Until next time~