Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Market Report

To Market, to Market....Schoolhouse presentation given,  new fabric introduced, reconnected with good, faraway friends...a really good trip! 
Introducing...Catherine's Courtyard, my newest line with Newcastle Fabrics. 
Yes, I've changed fabric companies. Isn't this chintz print beautiful? The photo I have of the coordinates isn't the best. We will have to wait for Newcastle Fabrics to get the line uploaded to their website.
Here is a group picture of the inspiration fabrics. Not all made it in the line. lol I wish! Like the Gone to Texas antique quilt, the log cabin has many great fabrics....perhaps a sequel?
Interesting log cabin, started by hand then with same fabrics, piecing is completed by machine. Makes me wonder if made by more than one person. and who owned the fabulous scrap bag? All prints in the courthouse steps quilt are 1830-60 at the latest, so did the maker have one of the very first machines? Lizzie got her first machine in 1861.
My Schoolhouse presentation went well.  I always forget something but,
15 minutes is not enough time!
A nice market recap appeared on Lori's Humble Quilts blog...thank you Lori!
Lizzie got lots of attention, the KC Star booth sold out of all the copies they had with them on Friday, first day of Market.
The American Quilt Retailer, a wonderful trade magazine, gave a very nice review of Lizzie's Legacy in the most recent issue. Here is the clipping. Wow. It made me cry! Thank you!
And I here there is also a very nice review in Primitive Quilts magazine. Thank you!!!
I'm not very good at taking Market photos. I'm a buyer for LSHQ, so I was pretty busy looking for new fabric and block of the month programs. Paula Barnes new Hampton Ridge is beautiful and I fell in love with the wool projects at Heart to Hand.
I went out one night with friends for dinner and soaked up a little local flavor of Portland.

Chandelier inside Voodoo Doughnuts

Note the gorilla holding court among the array of sweets.
Weird, interesting place.

Just look at the these diet busting gems!

The signature doughnut...Silly, sugary fun with friends.
Will blog more when time permits. I intended to have more to add to this post, but Mom is not doing well at all and my time has been very limited.  Haven't been able to sew since even before market. During Market, Mom had to go to a respite facility, then came back to my house a week ago today. She has stopped eating and we are keeping her as comfortable as possible.  The computer is in her bedroom so I can keep an eye on her  while I type.
It is a difficult time in life, but I'm so thankful for this time with her.
Blessings to all.
Until next time~


Monday, May 6, 2013

May musings

Preparing for Quilt Market in Portland...quilts are 'resting' in loose lumps on the bed under Molly's supervision, of course.  They have been in the suitcase, so a quick plump in the dryer and a nap were in order before they are flattened again and packed for shipping.
I would prefer to carry the quilts myself, but just in case something happens with my mom, the quilts will be there for a Schoolhouse presentation whether I go or not.
Do you think Fed Ex will ship a cat? How do cats know you have just taken something out of the dryer? I moved her once, left to get another load, and there she is again.  Surely cat hair can't be seen from the audience, right?
Mom was placed under the care of Hospice last month.  She is staying with me most of the time. It is a pleasure to care for her, but we both have had to adapt to the situation.  Best part, is kissing her goodnight and telling her I love her and that I'll see her in the morning, and then each morning getting a good morning hug when I get her out of bed as I rub her back to ease the back pain from a long night's sleep.
I've tried, as much as possible, to continue a normal routine, teaching, working one day a week at the quilt shop, and travel for programs and workshops, and sewing. Well, not getting much sewing done.  One thing I'm doing a lot of, though, is cooking! I use to complain about eating out too much and now, I long for a dinner 'out'.
I'm ok, everyday is a new day.  I make lots of lists of things to do, usually losing the list.  There is a lot of paper gathering around this house!  Notes and records from nurses for us caregivers, bills, yuck, a journal of mom's that is cool...something the caregivers started a year ago when Daddy passed away.
Speaking of Daddy, he helped me identify this quilt as Lizzie named it.
This is the antique inspiration hanging over my cupboard door.
I had asked him if he knew anything about a bird trap, he said yes, it wasn't sucessful in a very emphatic way, but did draw me two pictures of this scrap wood structure boys built to trap a bird.
What Dad drew was a Courthouse Steps block. I love the quilt I made for the book.

 Bird Trap
If any of you are going to attend Quilt Market in Portland I'm giving a Schoolhouse presentation on Lizzie's Legacy at 1:55 on Thursday, May 16. I've never been to Portland, Oregon...Market should be fun and inspiring.
Just for grins, and this doll does make me smile, here is a sweet doll given to me at the retreat I taught in March.  I'm calling her Lizzie.  She is dressed in one of my favorite pieces from my Wrappers collection.
I'm spending a lot of time thinking these days, musing really. Reflecting on mom's story and the events she has seen in her 93 years.
This time with her is precious, as everyday should be anyway, a treasure to behold with fond remembrances of yesterday and wonder at what tomorrow will bring.
Until next time...
~My best,