Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello 2014

Happy New Year to You!
New year, new beginnings....resolutions?
I don't know about you, but I resolve not to make resolutions this year.  This is an experiment to see if possibly NOT making resolutions just might make a change in my life.  Ha! you can stop laughing, but you know what I mean...they don't work, at least for me. I need to exercise, need to walk more, need to eat less, need to eat healthier, need to clean the sewing room and keep it clean and tidy....a long 'need to' list. Oh, I could add, need to blog more.
What I'd like instead might be a change in mind set.  I'm pretty good with deadlines. So why can't I set a deadline to stop 'whatever' and take care of my needs. I think it is called, 'putting me first' and I haven't done that in SO long that I don't know how.   Maybe I should get a life coach, or a wife, Ha!, to make me behave and stick to an agenda.
If all this sounds familiar, join the club.  Ok, I'll quit whining.
I've spent a fair amount of time this holiday season reflecting, vacillating between sadness and elation. Departures and arrivals of loved ones will do that.  Having baby Madison at Christmas was a blessing and a joy. She put the twinkle back in my eye. Can you see me smiling?
Madison, Christmas morning, just a bit tired of opening gifts.
I love old postcards.
Until next time...
Sew more, laugh more, love more.
Above all, be happy.