Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Moda BlockHeads 3 block 38 from Stacy Iest Hsu

 Happy Wednesday

Here we are in Week 38 with a Fractured Rainbow for Moda BlockHeads3.  Stacy has created a lovely block for us this week, very colorful and really scrappy...I love it.

You'll see from my photos how the block should be assembled as Stacy created, and then what I ultimately sewed together, after a few encounters with the seam ripper.

Selecting the fabrics for the rainbow is so much fun, and if you are like me, it's hard to decide which prints to choose. I chose the 8" block this time.

Fabrics are from Susanna's Scraps, Sarah's Story, Nancy's Needle and a few from Elinore's Endeavor. Just blink and Elinore will be here. Isn't November like next week? LOL, all days are flying by. Where did summer go, locked up in this house, I missed it!!!

First photo is what I originally selected and sewed together.

First, the light blue corner was in the wrong is conveniently missing... oops, so I ripped it out and sewed in correct position. Then I decided to take out the dark pink stripe because it bothered me. After I ripped it out, and re sewed, I had sewn 2  wrong....oops. Rip again or, keep and continue sewing?

I kept it as I sewed, wrong, but cute, I think.

Please go to Stacy's blog to download the pattern.  

Enjoy the process, and hopely you will not need a seam ripper. And, check out our other designers, links below.

Below are the last few blocks. 

I haven't been up to writing for quite a while...I go through phases where I enjoy writing and want to tell you a story.  Lately, the only thing I have to tell is agonizing over the road construction of my street. So why tell the story now....It's been going on since April....what a giant mess.  Curbs and gutters and new sidewalks went in beautifully with only a few rainy weather days to delay.  Projected time to finish the street was the end of August.  HMMM it's now the end of September.
A few weeks ago, the city was ready to pave. They had created the longest dust bowl in Texas, removing the layers of old pavement where we now have, gray grass, gray leaves, gray cars, gray doors and windows, and now gray pumpkins. Well, 2 weeks ago one worker told Steve there might be a gas line issue, another said no problem. After Steve calls the gas company, they said they would check on the issue and call the next, they called the next morning. Main gas line for the street was 4" from the surface, had to be replaced and set deeper. ok. Why didn't they know this before getting to this point??? Then the crew ran into water and sewer line issues, then hit a gas service line a couple of houses away, nothing bad happened but I'm a nervous wreck. Fire trucks with hoses stretched and ready. Oh yay. Now every house is getting new lines and meters. All has to be done before the street can be paved. New projected finish date is end of October.  We shall see. Today they have dug the 4th giant hole in our yard in prep for shutting off the gas and replacing the line and meter. Scary. Every house has the same story. I swear one hole next door is deep enough to bury several bodies. The noise has been tremendous and except for rainy days, non stop. Most weekends have been quiet, thankfully. We are all congested and the dust is unending, but luckily allergy meds keep my sniffer working.

Actually, Fractured Rainbow is a very appropriately named block, for me, this week. I'm a fractured mess. And if a rainbow appeared, it would be in shades of gray. Thanks Stacy for a colorful diversion.

Blocks from the last few weeks...

Hope you enjoy making Stacy's block.

Stay well and take care.

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~ Betsy

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