Friday, March 29, 2013

The freshness of Spring

Here is Spring...has it arrived where you live?  The bright green of new growth seems to increase daily. Makes me smile.  Spring is so often a time for new beginnings, maybe that energy should go toward finishing those unfinished projects.  Hmmm, no, more fun to start something new.

Have you seen lately?  I was interviewed for a blog post about me and Lizzie's Legacy.  Check it out. The posting is for March 28. If you leave a comment, you have a chance at a free book.(I don't know how long this runs.) Deb asked me what I was currently working on, and Molly suggested the hexagon project, no doubt so she could be in the photo.  Random fabrics, very scrappy, no plan for colors nor size.  Hexes are on the large size, a little harder to hold for stitching and helpful kitty adds to degree of difficulty.  :-) A few hexes stitched each evening and before I know it, I just might have a good size big is that? As big as I want, a throw, or bed size, who knows.  It is calming project, fairly portable and fun.
Molly has a thing for English Paper Piecing, but I won't allow her to help with the basting.  Thank you Sue Daley for introducing us to Sewline glue!!!!! I may never thread baste again. Grab some of this fabric glue and give it a go, running a line of glue on each side/edge of the paper , enough so your fabric's seam allowance with cover it and then press it down with your finger.  TA DA fast!
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Molly trying to decide on the backing of Sister's Block quilt.
She chose the paisley.
 Now I'm wishing I had a larger quilt, big sigh...they can't all be big.
I had wanted to be decorated for Easter and Spring, maybe tomorrow! The same Christmas quilt, red and cream, is still on the end table. Was ok for Valentine's Day, but not good for spring.  Taking care of my mom is about all I can do.  She is napping right now. 
I had a lovely break two weeks ago when I taught a workshop for several days in East Texas, wonderful food, great students and friends, fabulous sewing room and one realy good night's sleep!
Next week I host a JO Morton retreat and I cannot wait to get away, relax and sew.  When I am away, Mom has very good son, or husband, stay with her at night and my comfort keepers during the day. Her dementia is progressing and it is harder and harder to get away.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can go next week and in May to Portland for Spring Quilt Market.
My time is up, sad to say...until next time, take some time to enjoy Spring.
My best,