Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Week 19 and 18 Moda BlockHeads

Happy Wednesday!
Between an old out of date computer, blogspot changes, and secret sewing for a virtual Quilt Market, I have fallen behind on my blogging.  I need a new computer.  How does one shop for a computer during a pandemic?? I am not a techy person, so not sure what I will need, or want or what is even available. 

Lets start with Brigitte's Compass Point, block 19

My version is 6"

A mixture of Nancy's Needle, Sarah's Story, Susanna's Scraps and the pink is from Harriet's the pink was at the top of the scrap basket. and the right size. LOL

for the pattern and Brigitte's tips.

Now Jan's beautiful applique which is missing a leaf....Thought it was stitched, but in transit for the photo, it fell and I didn''t notice.  oops

 for Jan's pattern and her awesome applique tips, if you haven't already.

The pile, minus Compass Point.

Here is a first look at Elinore's Endeavor, the subject of my weeks of secret sewing.

Thanks so much for your patience with me and this old computer.

The surprise I have been talking about should post to Instagram sometime today or tomorrow.
So, be watching. :-)

Until next time,
~ Betsy

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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Happy Moda BlockHeads day! It's my day Crossroads by Betsy Chutchian

Crossroads, my block for Week 17 of Moda's Blockheads 3, unintentionally
 seems to fit where we are. So, where are we? Yes, it is Wednesday, but I compose the post on Tuesday. A friendly, innocent question on Monday reminded me that this week was MY week.  I knew that...last week. But, I was busy with some secret sewing and completely lost track of day and time. Do you wake in the morning and struggle to remember what day it is or, is it just me?
Friends will say "have a good weekend", like there really is one, a weekend, I mean. Weekends seemed to end when husband retired, now quarantine confirmed it, ended.
And the country is opening, with all the uncertainty for health and economy.
I pray all will be well wherever you are.  

When you suddenly have to make a block, you start pulling fabrics.  Wow, I had so many combinations I wanted to try. My pattern has all four sizes, so there you have it...I made four blocks.
Below you will see color options for you to make in any size block. Of course, I'm here to inspire. I look forwand to seeing your combinations on Instagram or Facebook.

Let's look at the 4" first

All fabrics from Nancy's Needle

Flying Geese are super tiny. `1/2" x 1" finished

Now the 6"
Mostly Nancy's Needle, light blue is from Sarah's Story

 Flying Geese are 3/4" x 1 1/2" finished.

Now this one is 12".  
It is huge to me. Flying Geese are 1 1/2" x 3" finished. I forgot to take a photo of the flying geese.
 The red print is from Nancy's Needle and the rest from Sarah's Story.

I played for a while with the 8" block.  I love indigo, but was it too much indigo?

Flying Geese are 1" x 2" finished

 and settled on a very slight Crossroads variation with stitch and flip corners.
All fabrics are from Nancy's Needle.

 Will I use all these blocks in the quilt, probably not, but it was certainly fun playing with the possibilities.

Starch your fabrics before cutting parts.
For whichever size you wish to make,  I like to add 1/8" to geese rectangles and to squares for sky 
before cutting.
 Our technique is for stitch and flip corners to make the flying geese units.
Sew as directed in the pattern and press to the corners before trimming away the excess. 
Next, trim to the size indicated for each size block.
I love using Block_Loc Flying Geese rulers but couldn't locate the 1 1/2" x 3" until I was nearly finished so I trimmed with my 4 1/2" square and it worked fine. Adding the extra 1/8" ensures that you will have a 1/4" seam at the top of the goose.  You won't want to cut off his nose when sewing.
I hope you enjoy my block and  making flying geese. I love flying geese.

for the link to download my pattern, Crossroads

Design wall is still full of other projects.  I prefer the blocks up on the wall so I can see where I'm going with the colors. Fingers are crossed in hopes I'm choosing colors wisely.

 Please visit all our designers to see what they have made and check on the 
BlockHeads Facebook group.

Thank you all for stopping by.

Until next time,
Stay safe and well.
~ Betsy

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