Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter greetings

Happy Easter to you all. 
My grandmother saved postcards and my mom saved what she saved. Now I'm saving them for My daughter and granddaughter. This card is either 100 years old or will be in a couple of years. 

What are you all working on these days? Me? Oh a number of projects. Lol. Lots. So many things I'd like to show. So much of Quilt Market  sewing is secret. Andso is sewing for books. I'm also busy with a new club. On the secret side too! Hmm. 

So. Just what can I show? A couple of quits...
Trail Drive from Classic and Heirloom. Fabric is Lizzie's Legacy. My newest Moda line. I LOVE THIS LINE. I love all my fabrics. 

Mary Ann's Baskets
Who was Mary Ann? She was Lizzie's sister in law and best friend. Mary Ann and Lizzie's brother Ben were already in Texas When she and Robert left Kentucky for Texas in 1852. 
Together, Mary Ann and Lizzie shared the pioneer experience. They would welcome children, make quilts, dye wool and cotton, work the loom, sew all the family garments. Mary Ann knew all the dye recipes. She was also a prolific gardener of flowers and was often bringing them to Lizzie. Lizzie grew vegetables, but didn't have the patience for flowers...took too much time away from her quilting and garment making. Lizzies brother passed away not too long before Lizzie died. Lizzie worried about Mary Ann, alone without Ben.  I worry about Mary Ann without Lizzie. The bond between women who shared so much is a strong one. Lizzie was almost 50. 

Celebrate their friendship and your friendships by making Mary Ann's Baskets. Fat Quarter shop is having a sew along on any Classic and Heirloom project celebrating my book and  Lizzie's Legacy fabrics which will be arriving any day. The blog hop sew along Starts April 7, I think. 

Until next time~

Enjoy this day.