Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wondering where I've been?

Wondering where I've been?  No, this isn't my broken leg but my daughter's. Long story. Too much going on at a time when I'm knee deep in book deadlines.  But MOM has to be MOM.

Ok the story...Rachel caught that really bad virus that has been going around. Was in the shower and got really sick, fainted and fell out the shower door. NO cuts, door didn't break, but her leg did. Both bones, right above the ankle. Poor thing went two weeks before getting in to see the surgeon. In the meantime, her husband and I got the virus...omg, not been that sick in a very long time.
Now Madison wasn't sick and went to day care thank goodness! She saved being sick for right before surgery.

All hands on deck to care for Rachel and little Madison. Of course faithful kitties, Fenway and Wrigley have been Rachel's side offering moral support.

Surgery was Wednesday. I stayed Tuesday night to take care of Madison the next day. Don't let the cute sleeping baby fool you...NO one slept well that night...
Craig (daddy) is totally exhausted.

So Craig tells this story after surgery, in recovery....

Rachel told the nurse, "don't worry, Fenway and Wrigley are outside with the limo to take me home. Fenway is my chauffeur."  Nurse asks who Fenway and Wrigley are. Rachel says "my cats, of course, who else would drive me around?"
[see cats above]
Good drugs! I love that story.

Wish I had other wonderful my fabric line is ready, but it hasn't been printed to my knowledge.  :-(  

I did teach a Bird Trap workshop to a great group of ladies at Green Briar retreat center earlier this month.

I am busy writing and completing projects for the next book. check out the color palette. Can't show much to you, hush, hush, you know.

Better get back to writing...

Until next time,