Sunday, April 15, 2012

Simply Sunday

Bluebonnets make Texans very happy.

These are right outside the door at Our House in Milford (name of retreat center), where just two weeks ago my friend Jo taught a great workshop.  Check out her posts for 3/29 and 4/4.  She has  pretty bluebonnet photos, too, and more good stuff!  Really, just 2 weeks ago???  What a good week that was...sewing, eating, chatting and all with fabulous friends.

Speaking of friends, mine have rallied to help me out through this rough patch in my life. Their support gives me strength when I feel I cannot take another step.
Have you seen Taryn's quote with her most recent post?  From H.G. Wells...."If you fell down yesterday, stand up today."  Love it.  Can this be my new motto?

Speaking of friends....

My friend Julia, made this quilt for me to teach at our February club meeting at LSHQ.  I teach Jo's Little Women's Club to a rather large group of wonderful ladies.  After telling Julia one of my many tales of woe, she graciously volunteered to make this sweet quilt from a photo in Sandi Fox's book, For Purpose and Pleasure. Julia made 3" blocks.  Thank you, Julia, for helping me out.
In addition to making and teaching Jo's project, each month I offer a project as well.  I used to include a bit of history also, but that has been pushed aside for the time being. 
Now get this, at the same time as I was presenting the little quilt, my friend Kathie, started making the full size version. Please check out Kathie's progress if you haven't already. It is fabulous.
Funny how those of us who are so inspired by antique quilts seem to think of the same thing!

The bluebonnets are almost gone. When they pop up each year we say a cheery 'hello' like welcoming old friends dropping by for a visit. And, when their time has passed, we say a sad goodbye to their lovely, bright blue blooms until next year.
 We Texans count on their visit every spring.

And to you my friends, until next time....
my best

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sorry for the long time between posts...I actually have lots to tell you about!
Have you seen the June issue of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine?
My quilt Bounty of Baskets is featured inside. The fabric line is my Hot for Chocolate II
with Blue Hill Fabrics.
Below is the cover of the issue.  Check it out!  Makes me smile!!!!
I've cut kits for the quilt. Please visit if you like.

Unfortunaltely my time here is very limited.
Look for more to come when I get to return to the computer.
My husband is back in the hospital so I have to finish getting ready and run back to him.
I had scheduled myself as caregiver for my mom, dad is still in rehab, but here we go again with my DH.  Some after a great deal of negociating, Mom has care, but not very happy about it.  For DH, at least we are in a different hospital, with a fresh team of doctors, new eyes! and new tests. The one thing they have confirmed is a new clot in his leg.

All for now....until next time.
My best,