Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Moda BlockHeads Block 16 by Sherri McConnell, Dream

Happy Moda BlockHeads Wednesday. Yes it is Wednesday, right?? All the days are running together, one is the same as the next. So, hope you have had a good week.  Busy here, secret sewing occupies most of my days. Isn't it a nice diversion to stop and make just ONE block?!?

This week Sherri has designed for us a fun and fast block she calls Dream.  

Isn't it sweet? Dream. I think we are all dreaming of good health for our world, friends, family and community.

This time you will have 4 sizes in the pattern, so decide the size block to make and go with a scrappy palette or or keep it simple and you will have this block done super quick!

I chose a scrappy mix of Susanna's Scraps, Sarah's Story, and Nancy's Needles.
This block is 6"

for the link to Sherri's pattern Dream.
Thank you Sherri, I had fun making your block!

and here is the growing pile.
Blocks had to come off the design wall to make room for secret sewing blocks.

Thank you all for commenting on the BlockHeads book give away!
Congratulations to Janet for having the winning number!

Be sure to visit all our designers, links below.

Sorry this is a short post.  Lots of fun stuff in progress.

Stay well and Stay safe and sew, sew, sew....

Until next time,

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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Happy Week 15 Moda BlockHeads Starry Eyed by Corey Yoder

Today is Corey's day, and I'm having blog issues. Photos are disappearing and there is a giveaway! Yikes. Let's see if what I post will last...

Starry Eyed
designed by Corey Yoder 

 this week I made a 12" block
Thanks Corey, it was fun to piece!

for the link to Corey's blog and be sure to visit all the designers for your chance to win.

and here is the wall o'blocks

Yes, I moved them around.

and now the giveaway...
the kind folks at Martingale are offering an ebook of our Block Heads book!
If you would like a chance to win, leave me a comment to that effect and your email address so I can notify you if you win .  I'll pick a random comment on Sunday.
It's a great book full of 6" blocks.

Until next time...
stay safe and well


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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

BlockHeads3 Week 14 Summer Breeze from Joanna Figueroa

Happy Wednesday! are you all caught up with BlockHeads 3?  Thank goodness I am! LOL. I love this week's block, number 14...Summer Breeze by Joanna Figueroa, of Fig Tree Quilts.  

As I said last week, I see images in the blocks, well most of the time.  That's how blocks were created, an image, stitched into a patchwork design. I just take it a little farther with a story. 
When you see Joanna's blocks think about what you see.
The first image, for me, comes from its name, Summer Breeze. I think back to summer evenings as a kid. We all  played outside every evening, Capture the Flag, or Kick the Can, mostly.  I loved those cool, dark evenings. Cool, not in temperature, but cool from the warm breeze that hit the mist that had fallen on fell on me, as I crouched in hiding, beneath Daddy's long row of mimosa trees. When in bloom they have a heavenly scent and drip this fine, but sticky, mist. One of the fabrics in my block, reminds me of the pretty pink mimosa blossoms.
And, when studying the block design, I see a spinning shape, like a child's pinwheel blowing in the wind.  Then, I thought of Daddy's tops, spinning tops, and placed them in the photo.  Comments last week from Krya and on Instagram mention tops, in connection with Daddy's marbles, so...

The glass one, was my Mom's. It came with candy inside originally.
My parents saved a lot of things!

Fabrics are from Sarah's Story and Nancy's Needle, which YAY, is now in shops.
I made the 8" version this week.

for the link to Joanna's blog to download the pattern and 
learn about her inspiration for Summer Breeze.

Thanks Joanna! I do love your block,and it was so much fun to make.
Be sure to visit all our designers to see what they have made this week.

Quilt is growing...won't be long and the blocks will outgrow the design wall.

Lastly, I'd like to share some photos I have taken of the quilts for Nancy's Needle and the booth from last October in Houston when Nancy debuted.
In case you didn't know, Nancy was my great great great aunt. She and my great great grandmother Lizzie were sisters and, Susanna was their younger sister.
Lizzie's family called Nancy, Kate, after her middle name Catherine.  Reading LIzzie's journals took a bit of deciphering to figure out exactly who was who.  Regardless, it was easy to see, they all were proficient seamstresses and quilters.

A Quilt for the Babe

Pins and Needles

 Travelers Welcome, on the table and School Daze on the green stool.

On the cupboard is Good Neighbors.

The booth.  On the right, Chasing Geese and County Fair.
Also, my friend Julie at Bits 'n Pieces made the very pretty star quilts. 
You can find them on her website.

You know, I do love to photograph quilts as I use them in decorating the house.  It's been a fun diversion these quarantine days to change the quilts and make new displays.

I haven't forgotten, there is still a fun little something to come....
But, have to mix in some Nancy's Needles time  and start some secret sewing.
Never boring around here!

I even made masks for my daughter Rachel, husband Craig,
 and my darling grandkids, Madison and Reed.  

They did a pick up Saturday. Easter goodies and Madison brought us queso and chips. There's a story... for another time... Social distancing with Mimi and Grandad, of course.

Until next time, 
stay home, stay safe, stay well

~ Betsy

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Happy BlockHeads3 Day! Week 13, The Baldwin by Jen Kingwell

Happy Wednesday!  A busy week at home has flown by and, here we are with Block 13!

Jen Kingwell has designed a super fun and unique block for us in The Baldwin.

Jen's block comes in 4 sizes and can be paper pieced, or hand pieced, as she prefers.  Hats off to Jen for hand piecing this block....<insert clapping hands here>...
I paper pieced my 6" version. <insert big grin here>

When I first look at some of the patterns our designers create, I immediately 'see' something in them.  Sometimes, what I 'see' evolves into a story as it has today....

I decided on a two color palette, plus background block.  I was thinking of a flower when selecting fabric, then once made, I didn't see the flower anymore, but rather a marble.  Yes, a marble.

These are my Dad's marbles. I lose my marbles on occasion, lol, but always know where his are. Dad was born in 1919 and these were his a child.  My parents saved all sorts of things. These were in his desk. Now, when I see Jen's block, I won't see a flower, but instead will see Max's Marble. 

for the link to Jen's pattern.

The cream and green prints are from the still coming soon Nancy's Needle, unless you live in Australia, where I think it has arrived? The yellow print is from Sarah's Story.

The pile has moved to the design wall until it is needed. 
 It's fun to see the blocks grow in number and space.
I included all the different sizes I have made and will make final selections later,
include them all.

Remember I said it's been a busy week, well I'm working on something new, well, a couple of somethings new.  Watch Instagram, just in case I don't get it posted here.
Today, I'm making masks for our family.

Please drop in on our designers to see what they have made.
Thank you Jen, for the block and the story inspiration. xx

Until next time ~
 Be safe, stay well and stay home and sew.


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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Moda BlockHeads week 12 is Hampshire Star by Janet Clare

Happy Wednesday everyone.  Hope you all are staying safe and well. I'm so thankful we have our sewing and quilting to do!!! This is the lovely Janet Clare's day and her block Hampshire Star comes to us from Great Britain.Thank you Janet!

Here is my version of the block in a 12" size.

For Hampshire Star, I used a combination of Sarah's Story and Nancy's Needle fabrics. Loved figuring out where each fabric would go.
Thanks Janet for such a fun design to piece! 

oh, update on Nancy's Needle delivery to shops.....mid April.

to go to Janet's blog for her pattern.

a pile of blocks

Be sure to check on all our designers to see their blocks. Links below.

Until next time, stay safe and well,
~ Betsy

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