Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lizzie's Legacy

My books arrived and my quilts came home.
13 quilts and a pincushion, which you can barely see on top.

One of my friends wrote this to me, "Congrats on the birthin' of this baby,
I know it was a long labor for you."
How true!
You can preview the book here at the Kansas City Star Pickledish Store.
Hope you like it.
I feel free to a certain know how it is when you finish a project and you are so happy with your project, and so glad to be done, you can't wait to start something new,
but you can't decide on what to do!
That is me to a tee these days.  I have time to plan, to sew, to work, but again, on what???
I'm busy with my mom and her care, hand sewing at her house in the evenings. When I'm there with her during the day, I'm cleaning her closets and, ugh, the garage. My parents saved everything from their 72 year marriage, and I do mean everything!
During the day when I'm at home, well, I dart from one quilting thing to another. Lizzie would have called it, "knocking around"; I call it "messing around", but the meaning is the same...busy with a whole lot but nothing accomplished! Maybe it is just a lack of focus. The one thing I haven't done with my free time is clean the sewing room....too depressing a thought.  Yet, I know one of these days the mood will hit me and I'll tackle that awful, jam-packed room!
Until next time,

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Where did January go?

How did we suddenly reach February??? Guess editing and a teaching trip to Louisiana took up all my time in January.  How is your winter going?  Here, in Texas, it is pretty warm. Trees will be budding too soon if it doesn't turn cold pretty soon.
The trip to Louisiana was wonderful, good food, meeting new friends always a treat to go on the road. Just wish there was more time for seeing the sites.  Visited two great shops, The Bourne Quilter in Lafayette and The Quilted Owl in New Orleans, and toured the plantation, Laura along plantation road, beautiful old Creole home.
The editing finished and I got to see the final pages of Lizzie's Legacy while in Louisiana. I'm sooo happy! The book will start shipping this month. Here is the cover...
Hope you will like it.
Molly enjoyed helping me plan the quilts. Here she is on an especially productive day...
I think we were trying to select the backing for Sister's Block quilt.  Do I remember which we choose?, no. Will have to check when the quilts return and they are on their way.
The tracking number came today from my editor Jenifer. You may want to check out what Jenifer is doing now that this book is done. She is a modern quilter. Her style is quite popular and you can find her work in magazines and books. Check out her cute book Quilt Retro and her latest, Stories in Stitches which pairs antique quilts with modern quilt versions.
 Both of us are trying to catch up on everything that got pushed back while working so long on this book. Thanks Jenifer, and my team, too, at Kansas City Star books for working with me...I can't wait for my copy to arrive! 
Winston saw Molly's photo and reminded me he helped quilt Sister's Block.
Hopefully the quilts will arrive soon, and I'll tease you with some more snippets of the quilts then.
Until next best.