Monday, December 16, 2019

Announcement...BlockHeads 3 is coming

Good Monday morning!

I'm happy to announce, that next month in mid January, we will begin BlockHeads 3! Watch for more details and a few rule changes. More on the plan for a fun year of blocks to come.

Here is my quilt from last year's BH2.

Photo was taken then it went to be quilted and is currently hanging in Moda's lobby.

We designers haven't seen all the blocks yet, so I have little to tell other than it is going to be fun!!!

In BlockHeads 1 the 6 designers offered starter bundles and we are doing that again.  Below is a sampling of my palette and the fabrics that will come in my bundle.
I'll start with Sarah's Story, which is in shops now, and add a sprinkling of Susanna's Scraps. A second bundle will be available when Nancy's Needle arrives in the Spring.

Here are swatches of what I'm planning over 2 bundles, and by the time we get to April, I might add more, or not. I'm not sure the number yet. Fabrics will be cut in fat 1/16 (9"x11") pieces and will fit in a priority envelope for domestic delivery.
I'll get the details worked out, and will take orders then, after Christmas.
If my palette strikes your fancy, you can leave me a comment now. Number of bundles will be limited. I know it's a hard decision when you don't know where you are going.

Famous quote from my husband, "I don't know where I'm going, but follow me anyway!

I've been in an extreme time crunch and the holidays are in the way, LOL. Not really, but it's a juggling act to get the house decorated and make quilts and write patterns all at the same time. NO baking yet, but cookie making with my daughter and granddaughter is later this week.
Sarah's Story is here at my house, still in the boxes. I'm hoping if things go smoothly, for a couple of days, I can get to work on cutting this week.

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Here is the list of fabulous designers for BlockHeads3

Corey Yoder
Sherri McConnell
Brigitte Heitland
Betsy Chutchian
Jan Patek
Lisa Bongean
Lissa Alexander
Laurie Simpson
Vanessa Goertzen
Stacy Iest Hsu
Robin Pickens 
Janet Clare
Jen Kingwell
Joanna Figueroa

Hope you will join us on this great adventure in quiltmaking!

Enjoy the holiday season!

Until next time,
~ Betsy