Friday, April 6, 2012

Sorry for the long time between posts...I actually have lots to tell you about!
Have you seen the June issue of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine?
My quilt Bounty of Baskets is featured inside. The fabric line is my Hot for Chocolate II
with Blue Hill Fabrics.
Below is the cover of the issue.  Check it out!  Makes me smile!!!!
I've cut kits for the quilt. Please visit if you like.

Unfortunaltely my time here is very limited.
Look for more to come when I get to return to the computer.
My husband is back in the hospital so I have to finish getting ready and run back to him.
I had scheduled myself as caregiver for my mom, dad is still in rehab, but here we go again with my DH.  Some after a great deal of negociating, Mom has care, but not very happy about it.  For DH, at least we are in a different hospital, with a fresh team of doctors, new eyes! and new tests. The one thing they have confirmed is a new clot in his leg.

All for now....until next time.
My best,


  1. First, I hope everyone's health improves and yours holds up. I love your basket quilt! That's a beautiful setting.

  2. Thinking of you and I hope everyone gets healthy again - quickly!

  3. Your Basket quilt is just gorgeous, how nice it must be to see it in print!!
    Sorry to hear that you are dealing with ill family at the moment, hope things are on the improve very soon!!!!

  4. Betsy thinking of you and your family...
    talk soon

  5. Yes! I saw it in the magazine and I'm so happy for you! Congratulations! But, so sorry your DH is in the hospital. Hope he gets better soon and best wishes for your Mom & Dad as well.

  6. So funny I bought the magazine yesterday, the same day I received your book History Repeated ! I love both of course, just my favorite kind of quilts, relaxing and timeless.
    I do hope your family's health improves soon, it is hard (experiencing similar problems myself).

  7. Congratulations, I love your basket quilt. Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. Happy Easter.


  8. I am amazed at the quilting you can accomplish with all else you have going on. I hope your husband is getting excellent care and you get some rest. Hospital guard duty is taxing but, I know from experience, it is essential for the patient to have an advocate/caregiver keeping watch all the time.

  9. Betsy, I found your blog after reading about the bounty of baskets quilt in american patchwork and quilting. Love the basket quilt featured. Sorry to hear about your husband's health issues and your dealing with ageing parents. My husband and I are dealing with that as well as his father has cancer and his mother is in a nursing center with end stages of alzheimer's disease. You and your family are in my thoughts. Best wishes. Donna Keating

  10. That is the quilt I liked best in the current issue of the magazine. Congratulations on having your quilt published.

  11. Great to see your basket quilt! I too love baskets - hadn't realized that until recently. Hope all is going well with your husband. You will all be in my prayers.
    Mary Ann

  12. Congrats on your success! Hope everyone gets well and you make sure to take care of yourself.
    Bryan, TX

  13. Love the basket quilt. Congratulations.
    Hang in there with life.
    If you need a distraction,

    I have lots of antique quilts on my blog

    and antiques and repros on my other blog

  14. your quilt is maah-ve-lous dah-ling! I love love love basket quilts.
    Sorry to hear about health problems going on around you. Here's hoping for healing and time for you to take care of you.