Friday, August 17, 2012

Blue screen of death

Quick post to tell all of you I haven't fallen off the planet just into the BLUE hole of computer death.
On the laptop now, which has none of my photos, none of my documents.
This should force me to back up...I've been really bad.
Will try to figure this out...have to get geeks to recover what they can from desktop...please!

Have lots to share. First, have you seen the October issue of American Patchwork and Quilting???

When you have the magazine in hand, turn to page 14.
The magazine did a profile spread on ME!
Please notice Molly got her closeup.  She will thank you.
Last November a fabulous crew from APQ arrived at my door and spent 2 days photographing my house, Halloween collectibles and little quilts and my sewing room!
On page 72 you will find my quilt Harvest Rows. Photo for it was taken in their studio.
Hope you enjoy the visit to my house!

The next news item is that my newest fabric collection, Wrappers has arrived, not complete, 3 bolts didn't make it to UPS, but is on the way now.
Fresh out of the box.

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to the Heart of Texas Rug Hooking Guild in San Antonio. What a room of talented women!  And, what gorgeous, lucious wools!  Oh My! I spoke about Lizzie's wool interests ( the star of  Gone to Texas) written about in her journals from 1857-1882 and gave a trunk show of my quilts, antique and new.
Two weeks before that I was in New Braunfels teaching for their guild. 
All my photos are currently lost in the blue hole, aka blue screen of death.

I'll learn to back up everything and get set up on the laptop. Yes yes I know I should have been backing up.  What can I say, I always thought I'd do it another day.  Miss Scarlet syndrome. and like Miss Scarlet,  I will survive.
I post some on Facebook ( Betsy Reed Chutchian) but that is one place where the geeks said I could have picked up the virus, even with virus protection!

If you have been folowing my son's progress after the vicious hit he took to the face, from a baseball, he had his surgery 3 weeks ago and is doing well. Unfortunately the outpatient surgery was not totally successful in resetting his nose, a full rhinoplasty will have to be done in about 6 months. We had so hoped their would only be the one surgery.

Until next time, be careful out there...and on the computer!!! 

My best,


  1. So sorry about the computer. I finally bought a separate hard drive but still don't back it up as often as I should. I think I'll get another hard drive just to be double sure I don't lose my precious photos. I see your new fabrics are already gone at Lone Star but will call them with an order anyway for when the fabrics come back in stock. I can't wait to see your spread in AP&Q.

  2. Going out to buy my Oct issue today! Sorry your son has another surgery ahead of him. Thank goodness it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

  3. My magazine came yesterday and I love your spread! I am a Halloween nut also and can't wait to get started on your quilt. The mini quilts are soooo tempting! Thank you for the wonderful inspiration.

  4. I saw the profile on your Halloween collection and sewing room last week! Molly looked like a natural. I could never get my black kitties to pose so well! What a wonderful sewing room you have (I could stay in there all day!), and your holiday collectibles were so fun to see. I always enjoy decorating for Halloween. Your Harvest Rows quilt photographed beautifully. Makes me even more anxious to greet fall! Love the new Wrappers fabric, too! Hope your son is recovering well from his first surgery.

  5. Can't wait to make a little Halloween quilt like in the AP&Q article. Also, looking forward to getting some of the Wrappers collection. What is the story behind the name?

  6. I attended a talk you gave at Happiness is... Quilting, in McKinney last year and have been a fan of yours ever since. How pleasantly surprised I was to find your article in APQ magazine. Such wonderful eye candy. I love all your mini quilts! Thanks for all the inspiration you give to us quilters.

  7. Hi Betsy!
    I enjoyed the beautiful article in the American Patchwork & Quilting magazine. Love your mini quilts! I decided to see if I could find you on the web and came across the Pickledish Store - I am now reviewing your books!

    I'm going to enjoy 'following' your work.