Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In the Pink

I am teaching these two quilts below at Happiness is Quilting in a couple of weeks and I'm thinking, both are PINK!
Pink fabrics were so plentiful in the 1800's you can hardly find a scrappy antique quilt that doesn't have pink as the setting or at least in the blocks.
Personally. I love pink. Somehow double pinks just 'set off' the other colors.
It is a happy color, don't you think?
Both quilts are in Lizzie's Legacy. The first, I called The Lounge Quilt as an illustration for the journals entries of one chapter. It's a comfortable quilt, very utilitarian as Lizzie would have intended, to serve as a bedcover for guests.
The second quilt is a perfect baby quilt, a cradle quilt as Lizzie called quilts for the babies.
I named the quilt Twist and Spin for all the many references in her journals to endless hours and days spent at the spinning wheel.
Look at how different the pinks are.

A few of my antique quilts with pink fabrics.

I barely turned to grab the camera....

Molly says, "YES, antique quilts for me!"
I'm working on baby quilts now. NOT pink for my granddaughter that is
due in November, but purple!
So many choices for patterns, tons of fabrics in the stash, what to make???
I'll post what I make at a later date.
Come sew with me!
I need to get organized, don't laugh too hard, and have my calendar available with speaking and teaching engagements here on the blog. One step at a time. Mom's house is nearly cleaned out and that is a good thing.  What is not so good is that much of it is HERE. I had a hard time letting things go in the estate sale and now face an even harder time finding a place for what I've brought home.
The house is getting smaller and smaller. Too much furniture, too much fabric, and not enough room.
Just need a new house!
Until next time ~


  1. l look forward to seeing your current sewing when l visit in October. And all the wonderful goodies with memories you have brought back from your Mothers home.

  2. A new (and much larger) house? Sounds good to me. Good luck.

  3. I would love to be a part of your quilting class, but alas! Australia is too far to travel from! I have to say though, that when I purchased Lizzie's Legacy, that first pink quilt was one that stood out for me, and I have been looking for an appropriate pink ever since!!! Love pink as well!!!! I love the pieced blocks too, would have no trouble sorting fabrics for them.... I hope you get a good roll up for your classes, would love to see what your students create!!! The second quilt you showed is just lovely as well, so delicate!!!!
    I can understand that some things would be hard to let go of, maybe if you live with them a while, then decide to pare down again in the future would be easier than letting everything go all at once, take your time and don't worry too much, you'll know what to keep and what to let go as time passes....
    Good luck with your classes, I hope you get a good roll up.

  4. MMMMMMMMM - pink does it for me. Especially pink and brown or pink and navy blue.