Saturday, February 11, 2017

Book signing

Book signing today  February 11, at Sew Fabricated in Arlington, Texas. 2:00-4:00. Carol and I will have a little talk and show quilts from the book.  Hope you can join us! 


On another note, if you requested a bundle thru the comments and you have NOT heard from me, there is not an email contact for you.  Many requests, when I try to reply say "no reply" and my reply has gone into the great beyond of blogger land.
SO please email me. My address in my Blogger profile under contact me.  Thank you!

~Until next time, Betsy


  1. I surely wish I could have been there. I love this new book. Would it be o.k. to review it on my blog? I want to make every quilt in it!

  2. I just ordered this book and one more. These are my first. I have Hopes Journey and ordered Lizzies Legacy to add different prints. This is my first time! I look forward to your new lines with your books. Thank you very much.