Wednesday, March 1, 2017

One Week from Today UPDATE and MORE

And sew it will begin! one week from today, March 8.

Each Wednesday, one of us, Lynne, Betsy, Jan, Jo, Lisa, and Carrie, will post a block on our blogs.  Print the pattern and get to sewing! Each of us will be making the blocks, sewing right along with you....until some of us, LOL, fall behind!  Not to worry.  You will be able to find the patterns on each of our blogs. they won't go away.  If you follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook, you will see a posting there too, to go to the blogs.  It's ALL good!

Each block finishes at 6".  Very doable. ARE YOU JOINING US?  No sign ups required, just visit each of our blogs. No fabric purchase required, though we all (except Carrie) offered starter bundles.

Speaking of the starter bundles...

I gave an update on February 18 that I had to pause cutting, packing and shipping to travel and probably couldn't fill all the orders I had received.  Well I'm back and am still trying to fill only the orders that I received, on or before February 18. Some of you, I've never been able to reach.  Others I'm waiting for you to return email confirmations. I'm going to finish kitting what I fabric I have with substitutions to fill as many as I can by the end of the week, so you will have them by March 8.

PLEASE respond to me quickly, if I let you know by email or an email from PayPal that I have a bundle for you. If I don't hear back, I'll need to move on to the next person on my list, the VERY long list, as you all have continued to order after the 18th.  I still don't know how short I'll be.  It fill every order in the order it was received.

I am so flattered and do so appreciate your orders!!!! 
 I wish I could fill them all. But It just isn't possible.

About the traveling I did...flew to Atlanta to give  programs and workshops for the Silver Comet Quilt Guild and the Etowah Valley Quilt Guild.  BOTH ARE FABULOUS GUILDS! The morning after arriving I awakened to a red hot extremely painful right arm (the lymphedema arm that swells anyway) One look from my gracious and attentive hostess Sandy, and we quickly opened the classroom for the workshop, then rushed to a wonderful Urgent Care facility nearby.  Diagnosis, Cellulitis.  A shot, antibiotics and pain pills and then back to the workshop.  Thankfully my friend Renita was with me to handle me, lol and sales,  Then gave program that evening. What a day!  The next day back to Urgent Care for 2 more shots before going to Etowah Valley, for a program that evening and workshop the next day.  I have to say, even with the Urgent Care, this trip was one of the very best I have ever had.  I was in the right place at the right time to have an emergency and my hostesses could not have been better. And at the program, the audience cried with me as I told Lizzie's story! Two nights in a row!  Who does that, cry in public, in front of a captive audience????  ME!
 The girls in the Pyramid Workshop at Silver Comet
 Susie and her gorgeous quilt from  Eliza's Indigo
 Kay and her beautiful feathered star made in Eliza's Indigo
The girls in Mary Ann's Baskets at Etowah Valley

Lovely, lovely ladies in both guilds. Thank you all for a wonderful trip and for taking such good care of me.  Thank you Renita for being my right arm this trip, LITERALLY!

Don't forget #modablockheads to follow every post relating to our Block of the Week on social media.

My best to you all!

Until next time ~


  1. Hope you feel better from your arm troubles. What beautiful quilts.

  2. You have such a great attitude. I'm sure all the ladies appreciated your "the show must go on" determination. Really look forward to Blockheads next week.

  3. Fabulous quilts.Hope you are better.

  4. So enjoyed show and tell from your classes. Hope you are feeling better. Happily the fabric shipment arrived yesterday, opened after work during a power outage. They were lovely then,and woohoo, happy to see them under decent light today. Looking forward to using them in the Block Head blocks. Thank you so much for making more of the starter bundles available.

  5. I am so glad you are better! I received my fabric and I am so pleased. Your fabric is the prettiest I have seen. God bless your work!

    Karen in NC

  6. Can't wait for the start. I am going to try to keep up, but no promises. And, I think I am the most sentimental sap there is! I cry at the drop of a hat. I have also passed my sentimental ways on to my daughter. Kudos to you for being sentimental!

  7. Betsy, great post and directions, thanks, I am making two different fabric but same blocks every week, I also suffer from cellulitis in my right arm due to cancer, I always carry two types do prescribed antibiotics when I travel, just a thought, it helps me avoid those hospital stays most times. Happy quilting.