Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Moda BlockHeads 2 Block 5 Impact by Vanessa Goertzen

Happy Wednesday!  It's the 4th of July! So let's celebrate with Vanessa Goertzen's block Impact. And what do you do on the 4th of July....You go BIG...lots of food, parades, and fireworks.  And you go big with Vanessa too....a 24" block, and it is awesome! Find out more about Vanessa, and to see today's pattern, click here.

Thanks, Vanessa!

I made one tiny change to the original block, by making the 8" finished center, and uneven 9 patch, instead of a plain square. 

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 Here are all my blocks, 1-5 altogether.  Had to stand on a chair to get a good photo.

I'm very happy how my blocks and fabrics are coming together.

It's been a super busy week, since block 4, flight to Springfield , Missouri to speak and teach.
Decorating and nursing a sick kitty.

Here is a little seasonal color for the 4th of July....

 This is what the ladies of the Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guilt made last week while I was in Springfield , Missouri.

 Some of the lovely ladies in class...I had 19 that day.

 We had lunch at the biggest Bass Pro Shop in the world...LOL. It seemed like it anyway, and home to a GIANT aquarium.  We could see only a little portion...put it on your list if you like aquariums.

 And of course Miss Molly, recuperating on the couch. My sweet kitty had to have surgery right before I left for Springfield.  She hid for 3 days before I left. Fought taking her medicine and then I had to go ... She is very pleased to have me home now, and is doing quite well.  Thanks for all the Instagram and Facebook notes on my girl.

Next week, the block is one of MINE!  and I'm going to be out of town again...Diva retreat.
I'll schedule a post, so no worries there.  Fingers crossed my link will work, because internet reception is not very good there,  I'll be able to Instagram and Facebook, I think...but it is always hit or miss.

So until next week, have a fun and safe holiday.

~~  Betsy

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  1. I really love the colors you used and the 9-patch in the middle. I think this is my favorite block so far.

  2. Looking at the blocks separately I wondered about the colors but seeing them all together it’s Wow they’re looking good. I also like the project you did with the Ozark ladies.

  3. Betsy, I sent an email but haven't heard back from you. Can you tell me where to get the setting pattern you did for Moda Block Heads 1? I thought I had printed it off but can't find it and need to know how many 3 1/2" stars I need to make. Thanks. My email is

  4. Kay, since Martingale is putting my setting in a book and other settings, the settings have been removed from the Facebook group. basically you need 3 1/2"x 6 1/2" sashing strips and a 6 1/2" border.
    I didn't receive an email from you. Hope you get this.