Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Moda BlockHeads Month 14 and 15, from Kansas Troubles and Me and My Sister

Today we have 2 blocks to make.  For several weeks, the original BlockHead and her invitee will be posting each other's blocks.  Double the fun with 6" blocks!

First up, Lynne Hagmeier has created a really cool block.  I suggest you block out a good bit of time to get your prints and colors coordinated. LOL.
Placement is important to create the interesting design.

Notice the pile of fabrics ate the bottom of the photo?
Lots of  "this fabric is perfect" changed to ,"oh, no it is not."
No problem with my color scheme, but getting the right parts in the right spot was challenging.

Once I arranged the parts, I thought this would be a fun time to use my friend Doug Leko's Mini Simple Folded Corners ruler.  As long as you are sure about which corners are folded, follow his instructions and cut the corners off , sew 1/4" seam, and press and ta da. You made a folded corner.
Now, let's consider operator error...nothing wrong with the ruler. Say you sewed the wrong fabric, or the wrong corner and all is cut away.  OUCH.  It happened, yes, it did. If you use Doug's ruler, just double check before cutting. Just Saying.
I love his ruler and can see lots of times when it is perfect to use.
Our pattern instructions say to use the Flip and Sew instructions in the Basic Instructions sheet. With that option, you draw a line diagonally and stitch on that line., then fold the corner back.  This method gives you the opportunity to correct if wrong or to change your fabric by simply removing the stitching.

My rectangular units have both corner methods, cut away with the ruler and stitch and flip. 

Sew units in pairs, then into a 4 patch block.

 Lighting! what a difference it makes!

Click here to go to Lynne's blog for her pattern and tips.

Thanks Lynne for such a great design!!!

Now, we have Barb and Mary's block. An easy one, called Corner Pocket.

Any of you play Billiards? I'm calling "2 in the corner pocket". My family loves to shoot pool, even me, though I don't get the opportunity very much. By the way, the number 2 ball is blue. :-)
Sweet, fun block...thanks Barb and Mary!

again, lighting!

indigo blue, not black.

Click Here for the link to Me and My Sister's blog to download the pattern.

Here's the group so far and will be out growing the design wall very soon.

An finally for this week, I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every comment you wrote last week about the special gifts you have received. Cherished memories. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm very thankful for the random number generator, or I'd never be able to make a choice! 
Thank you all!

The winner of Merry Makers ebook,
as chosen by the random number selector.... 


Congratulations! I will need to contact Martingale so they can send you the book.
Please contact me, email address is in my profile.

Happy Sewing!!!

Until next time,
~ Betsy

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