Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Happy Moda BlockHeads Wednesday Week 27 Proposal by Jen Kingwell

Hi Everyone, Happy  Moda BlockHeads Wednesday! This is Jen Kingwell's week with block 27, Proposal. Shhh. Today is Jen's Anniversary. Happy Anniversary Jen!!!  I thought June was the wedding month, but I certainly know a lot of people who got hitched, like me, in July. I married July 10th, 1976.  44 years ago....that's a lot. It has blown by really; yet, some days it's been and eternity! LOL. I married my best friend, the boy next door. Yes he really was the boy next door. He is still my best friend and that is the best part. I'll tell you more in a minute.....

We were asked to take a picture of our wedding photo with our block as a surprise for Jen.  That meant looking in the album, and remembering....

For Proposal, which looks like a diamond, I chose the 6" version. Background is from Nancy's Needles, yellow is from Susanna's Scraps, and blue from Sarah's Story.  The fabrics you choose will be wonderful. I do have a couple of helpful hints.  I'm the first to tell you what not to do....I remade 2 quadrants, several times... keep the seam ripper handy.  Just below.

    Click Here for Jen's pattern, Proposal 

My best tip is pay attention, I just started sewing, forgetting the quadrants are mirror images.  I got my A's and B's mixed up. And I hardly ever pay attention to numbers.
Mark your colors on the printed side of the 4 papers in order of the way you want the colors to appear.
I also marked the direction I wanted to press. Notice the arcs and arrows. I started with A4 background in opposite quadrants and with B1blue in opposite quadrants. The seams are pressed to the right on the top row and to the left on the bottom row, this way when you sew the 4 units together, the seams  will nest. Then I pressed the adjoining seams open.  Hope this helps.
Hope you enjoy piecing Proposal. It's a cutie,. Thanks Jen! Hope you and Richard have, or had, a wonderful anniversary celebration. 
I had one more photo of the block to go here and blogger ate it.
Oh well.
We married in my parents living room. Steve's brother and my sister in law stood up with us. My brother took the photos.  It wasn't fancy, just perfect.  We had our nearest and dearest of family attending.  It was a perfect Saturday morning that July, not scorching like it is now. I made the punch and petit fours for our little reception.  Then we flew off to Acapulco for our honeymoon and the following Saturday, we had our reception, hence the tropical Mexican attire and tans. LOL
I was quite lucky to be back in Texas....when we arrived in Acapulco, the police ushered me off to a private room without Steve.  The asked me a bunch of questions, and being a totally naive 20 year old, answered their questions never even thinking of what could happen....MY VISA had expired the day before!!! and Steve's was fine!!! We never even looked at them when we picked them up from the travel agency. Young and stupid!

I don't know what is up with Blogger. Editing is impossible. There are tons of new symbols I don't understand. I like everything centered and today I can only center the photos, at least I hope they are centered!! I can't get to the list of all the designers for fear of losing all I have written.  UGH  Please visit them, the links are on older posts.

Stay safe, stay well, wear a mask my friends.
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  1. Thank you so much for the helpful hints, Betsy! I'm sure they will save my seam ripper from getting over heated. And Happy Anniversary to you; it was fun reading your story.

  2. A belated Happy Anniversary to you & Steve. Simple is often more memorable & honeymoons with funny side stories are the best. Ours was simple compared to what I’ve seen today & my new husband came down with the flu the 2nd day of our honeymoon. Put that “in sickness & health” to the test right away.

  3. I love that you married your best friend, and that he's still that. A belated Happy Anniversary!

  4. What a beautiful wedding memory! I love your story. Thank you for the tips on this week's block.

  5. How great that you all posted wedding photos--such a fun surprise--and a fun block!

  6. Sweet photos, Betsy! Happy anniversary to both of you. Love from alice

  7. Thank you for the piecing tips. I have saved Jen's pattern to make "someday".
    I saw your sweet photos on Instagram and am happy to read the story behind them here. I thought that might be a living room. My parents' dining room had a similar mural!
    I used to edit my posts in HTML mode, but now I find Blogger easier to edit in the "compose" mode. Once you upload the photo, go into Compose and click once on the photo. At the top of the photo should appear a little light blue box with options for size, position, and adding a caption. Good luck!