Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Happy Wednesday! Today is my day for Week 31 Moda BlockHeads3

Happy Wednesday! Today is my day for Week 31 Moda BlockHeads3

Basket Collector

I am a collector of baskets, like so many of my collections, I inherited Mother's collection too. I love everything about them, especially the handmade. They are practical, useful and works of art...just like our quilts! I've compiled photos of a fraction of the collection.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea...and stay a while. Lots to show you.....

3 blocks, 3 baskets

We will talk blocks in a minute...

I love sewing baskets and sewing stuff. I finally found the missing leaf, now I can finish Jan's block.

Nancy's Needle, in a quilt, candy in the basket, and a basket of just a few pincushions. LOL

4" block in Elinore's Endeavor. 

6" block Nancy's Needle with Sarah's Story and Susanna's Scraps and a tiny bit from Elinore. 

8" block all Nancy's Needle with a bit of Sarah's Story.

Let's talk making baskets...and the construction of. You will see in your pattern, one way of making the large cream triangle section. below is another way. I'm all about choices. Once you have your pattern in hand you will see the difference, and see why I wanted to show you this alternative. Pick the method for you or combine the methods, as I did.

Look at the pieced brown triangle, our pattern gives that construction for the basket base, for the background, and for the empty space above the base. The pieced version will have a lot of seams coming together and you will need to press so that seams nest or press open. Below you will see the pieced triangle version for the background below the base.

Note the large triangle matches the pieced triangle. I'll give you the size square to cut if you would like to use that method.

The 6" block

and below, the fussy cut center, the reason for the alternative construction, with a fussy base..
and next to it the pieced triangle unit for the background corner. Can you see the seams?

Click Here for the pattern Basket Collector

If you would like a fussy cut filling for your basket, or background, or even a plain basket base, here are the cutting instructions:

for the 4" block, cut one square 2 7/8"

for the 6" block, cut one square 3 7/8"

for the 8" block, cut one square 4 7/8"

for the 12" block, cut one square 6 7/8"

Cut each square in half, diagonally.

Regardless, of how you make this basket block, I hope you enjoy it. and NO, you don't have to make 3 sizes!

More baskets???

Basket of Eliza's Indigo fat quarters

Big basket of plaids and a bread basket full of ribbons

Just the right spot

                                       big laundry basket of yardage for backings, and a quilt 

Picnic baskets, cool basket and a basket purse form the 1960's (mom's)

All Mom's, except for the one on the right with the Christmas cactus that won't bloom.

I use baskets for storage and for decoration. There ARE more. LOL. I've shown enough.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay well and stay safe. 

Until next time,

~ Betsy

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  1. I love your blocks! Thank you for the triangle measurements for alternate construction of the base and the inside of the basket.

  2. Gracia por compartir tu bloque y tus maravillosas cestas.
    Me encantan tanto que hace años hice un curso de cestas de mimbre y médula, mi casa esta llena de cestas.

  3. I put my Christmas Cactus in the cold dark cellar for a month to encourage blooming. For some crazy reason, mine bloomed in the spring which it never has before/ Love the basket collection.

  4. Interesting alternative. Hard to decide which is better. Love all of your baskets. I have quite a few, so many uses.

  5. Thank you i love to fussy cut. Also..i add a pinch of epsom salt to my Christmas Cacti(we have 2) add a pinch or so to their water...we have one white and one pink that bloom off and on all year

  6. Thank you for the pattern plus info about Christmas Cacti.

  7. I love baskets to Betsy. My Aunt gave me 2 baskets when I was little maybe 7. I loved them. I still have the baskets. I’ll send a picture one day. They came from KY. Maybe you might know more about them if not ok. Hope you are doing good. Missing Houston. Geri

  8. Love all your choices for the basket blocks and of course all your basket displays. I have a few of those myself! Love your navy miniature tree of life quilt. Was that one from one of your books perchance? It's really striking!

  9. I have had a lot of baskets slip through my fingers over the years. Yours are lovely and functional. I like the block(s), too!

  10. You have some wonderful baskets!! I love blue and brown combination and looks so pretty in you block. Thank you for the lovely block.

  11. Love your blocks and options! Thanks for showing all your cute stuff too!

  12. Thank you for a beautiful post with lots of lovely cloth and woven baskets! My family has had a variety of "Christmas cactus" and often in summer put them outside for some good growing. My brother has one or 2 huge ones that he rolls out to a semi shaded spot in the summer in Western WA, sis has hers on a porch railing in a semi shaded area (due to the tall evergreens around the area), Perhaps you might try that to help yours perk up?

  13. Hi Betsy just in American Patchwork & Quilting. So I googled your website. Love your style. Just a comment about the Christmas Quilt will bloom if you give it.plant food like ‘Miracle grow’ be prepared for lots of blooms!!

  14. I love baskets too. I appreciate the time someone took to make them, the artistic value, and the practical uses of them. I am also a fan of yours!