Friday, September 1, 2023

BH 5 is coming soon!


Hello everyone! It's been quite a while... And here we are about to start BH5!

So how have you all been? I hope well!  It's hotter that imaginable in Texas and elsewhere and no end is sight yet. Maybe under 100 for a couple of days, then back over 100 next week???

It has been so long since I last posted, this is a test to see if it still works! 

I thought I'd share a few things.... like my fabrics for BH5.

  I'm in the first group that ends mid-November. I'm planning 3 colorways: Christmasy, Halloweeny and traditional Yummy.

Now you will be wanting to know how much fabric. That's not an easy thing to answer. but let me give you my suggestions.

First, if you would like to use one background, buy more that you think you will need, depending on whether you are doing group 1 only, group 2 only, or both. Add a bunch of fat quarters, maybe 20ish, in a palette you love so you can add more as you go along. I know it is frustrating to not know exact amounts, with so many variables.

I do have an unfair advantage that as a designer, I have tons of fabric scraps and pieces from which to choose, so that I can easily substitute if needed. Scrappy with lots of fabrics is my favorite style of quilts to make.

My choices are from most of my fabric lines for Moda. I love how my different lines work together!

Follow me on Instagram @betsy_chutchian for the quickest answer to your questions. I'll have a detailed post here, on the blog, on September 13, my BH5 day, that you won't want to miss. No videos, but lots of photos to help you with my block. I will also be posting on Instagram and our Moda Blockheads Facebook group each week barring the unforeseen stuff that happens around here.

Above is my Christmasy selection, just reds and greens mostly from Florence's Fancy.

My Halloweeny version with good old Bramblewood and other blacks and creams and a cheddar from my assorted lines.

And last, my yummy traditonal print version, that will run the entire series, but not every week. When I started pulling this madder look, I realized the prints were all from my lines which were inspired by distant family members!  How fun is this! My family tree in fabrics!  In this photo, Lizzie's Legacy, Susanna's Scraps, Nancy's Needle, Mary Ann's Gift, Kate's Garden Gate and Florence's Fancy are all represented, with Dinah's Delight, set to join the others in January. No doubt this group will grow!!!

Did you notice, each group has more than one background? Makes substituting easy when one becomes a favorite and you run out!

This is my 5th BlocksHeads and it's such an honor to share my crazy scrappy world, once again with you. With each sampler, I've tried to change up the fabrics to achieve different looks. This time, I wanted you to see the options and how any style, or flavor of fabrics, will work. You just pick fabrics you love and ENJOY!

Until next time,

~ Betsy



  1. So glad to see you back with BH5!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your BH5 projects come alive. Welcome back - you've been missed!