Wednesday, July 20, 2022

My Turn! Moda Blockheads4

Thank you All for the nice response to my test blog! I’m back today with MY block Crowning Glory, number 18, for BH4.  If I had known how hot it would be this month, I would have named it Blazing Glory!

In case you are new to following me, since I’ve been away from blogging for a couple of years, this is my 4th time to be a Moda Blockheads designer. Each series has been fun and different. This time we have lots of Moda designers and I hope you will visit them to see what they have made. 

My pile of tiny blocks is growing…and while I’ve thought of settings, I’ll wait until we are finished to let the tiny blocks tell me what type of little quilt they want to be. Do you have a plan from the beginning, or like me, you let the mood move you?

On top of the pile is today’s 4 1/2” version. I made it first.  

And then I made  the 9” version, thinking I might make a medallion setting. Still thinking! The larger version certainly went together quicker than the 4 1/2” version! LOL
I love this combination.

Now let’s break down the assembly, which is basically a 9 Patch.

Top row above shows the hour glass unit before trimming. I like cutting squares for an hourglass 1/8” or 1/4” larger before stitching. It makes trimming to size so much easier.  Hourglasses in middle and bottom rows are trimmed. 

Below, you can see how I pressed.  I flip the seam intersection of each hourglass, and clip next to the seam allowance so you may press the seams to nest with the half square triangle units. This makes for a smooth construction and ultimately a flat block without big bumps.  

I got excited that Kate’s Garden Gate should be shipping this week. So I just had to make a another 4 1/2” cutie combining Mary Ann and Kate. 
Side note, Kate was Mary Ann’s mother in law.

                          I hope you enjoy making Crowning Glory. Here is the link to the pattern.

For more with me and today’s block, visit Moda’s blog,  Instagram @betsy_chutchian or Moda Blockheads on Facebook. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time,

~ Betsy


  1. Will be watching to see your setting plan.
    I agree the little blocks do take some extra time, but they are so cute one cannot resist making them.
    Thanks for the details to sew them.

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  3. 20, 2022 at 7:44 AM
    I will be interested to see what you decide to do with the small blocks. I have been making all the 4.5" size and don't know how I want to set them yet either. Thanks for your block design this week. Look forward to making it!

  4. I also have been making the small blocks and don't know what will become of them yet - just having fun!

  5. Where is the PDF located to download?

  6. I hope you do this next year. I haven't participated yet as large quilts give me fear and trembling at the amount of work. Small I can do. So I would like to do it but do your small size squares. Can't wait to see the finished small squares project.