Monday, August 20, 2012

Decorating for Summer's end and Hail to the computer genius

Today, my horoscope said 'take care of details'. You know how rarely those things are right, but ok, I'll go with it today.  Goodness knows I have plenty of 'details' that need attending!

First, a very BIG thank you to Matt's computer genius friend!!! (not that he is reading my blog) The desktop is up, running and safe once again.  I simply can't imagine anyone knowing what to do to fix that blue screen, but oh my, how I appreciate his knowledge!

So now for something pleasant....Did you decorate for summer?  Would you have selected a patriotic theme to carry you from Memorial Day through 4th of July and Labor Day as I did? Now we are nearing the end of summer and I'm tiring of the look. 
Will change it up after Labor Day.

I thought about this and after unpacking from last weeks program took a few more pictures.
A Log Cabin top...will someday be a summer spread.

I think shirtings say Summer.

Hour Glass from History Repeated,
taken from a weird angle on the bed.

and now a weird quilt....can you identify this pattern?
I buy quilts for lots of different reasons..why this quilt??? The morning print in the alternate square.
The blocks are huge!  Wonder if it would be better scaled down.  Of course!

A Bow Tie variation....???

Well, now here is where I need to be! Attendng to details!

Need a quick little project for your sewing room...
just in case visitors who do not sew need clarification.  Wink, wink!
Sew any size squares of your choice in a diagonal grid.  I cut 2" squares, 50 of them. After sewing the squares together in diagonal rows, layer and quilt as you like; I followed the squares.  I then trimmed the edges even, allowing a 1/4" seam for binding. It is a small project, yes with bias edges, so  I suggest you stay stitch the edge all the way around before binding.   I did put on the binding before stitching the appliques. I drew letters onto freezer paper and cut out the shapes, then pressed them to felted wool, and cut those shapes.  Or, you may wish to trace the letters onto a fusible material like a Heat and Bond, instead of freezer paper, taking care to reverse the letters. Place the words on the quilt and sew with a blanket stitch by hand catching only the top fabric and batting. If you stitch all the way through, be careful not to pull your stitches too tightly.  Enjoy!

Until next time,


  1. What a gorgeous stack of quilts! Your log cabin top is so classic, and the red, white and blue looks great. Love the alternate fabric, and the border choice on the birds-in-the-air quilt!
    I think the block may be Arkansas Traveller, but wouldn't put money on it.
    Your sewing room sign is so cute; thanks for sharing it with us.
    Will you be decorating for fall now? Your house looked perfect for fall/Halloween in the AP&Q magazine!!

  2. I just changed out one of the summer quilts. I like to keep rotating the ones I display over the year. I like your display with the quilt and dishes. So pretty.

  3. It looks like a spools quilt to me but her use of two fabrics for the spool and slightly off proportion makes it difficult to see. Bonnie Hunter is starting some spools blocks that look like it. Take a look at this post:
    I love how you decorate for the seasons. I'm getting tired of my patriotic and red, white and blue but don't have any fall quilts. I think I need to make one or two to use to decorate next year.
    I can't wait to buy some of your Wrappers line. I know my LQS won't carry it so will need to watch online sources.

  4. Loved how your home was decorated for fall in the latest AP&Q magazine. Your book is on the top of the pile. I hope to get some friends motivated to do some exchanges. Glad your computer is fixed. Thank goodness for left brained people!

  5. It looks like 4 simple butterfly blocks sewn together into one large block. Are you going to take the quilt apart to use the large pieces of morning fabric?

  6. I enjoy your posts and so glad your pc is ok now! In the last year I purchased your History Repeated book and Gone to Texas. Just love reading them and have even begun the Blindman's Fancy. My grandfather was from Texas so that even makes them more interesting I think!! Your work is inspiring!!

  7. Beautiful pictures of your quilts and home. I so enjoyed your article in the latest American Patchwork & Quilting. Thanks for sharing.

  8. That blue and red quilt at the top of your entry is really beautiful - actually, they all are, but that one is my favourite. It's so nice to be able to enjoy them throughout the house like that. Happy redecorating for fall!

  9. Re your "butterfly" quilt: Per Barbara Brackman, this block pattern dates to about 1890 in print. Among the block names: Homespun, Beggar Block, Cats and Mice, Spool and Bobbin. In BlockBase it is 1758a, 1758b, 1758c. We drafted a pattern for it at Quilt Inspiration: