Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Back from Quilt Market

I know I promised to write more often. Insert big sigh here. Things get away from me....excuses, I apologize.

I'm pretty bad at taking pictures, I forget.   Here are my favorite quilts from Houston. Blurry, taken with my phone which is out of date...note to self: contract is up...Go get a NEW one!
It is sideways, but looked the same if rotated.

wonderful for Fall

the Cow says BOO...I love it!

Awesome!!! Hand quilted, Australian quilter...Viewer's Choice and 1st Place.
Next time...better photos...
Catherine's Courtyard 
I was quite happy to see my line in the Newcastle Fabric booth. You can see the line by going to this link.  Two aqua raindrop prints are shown, don't know why, we will only have one. I had the line ready at Spring Market and then it finally appeared online the Friday of Fall Market. Still wondering why it took so long?
I had great plans for a Quilt Market/Houston vacation. The trip and getting away were good, but maybe a working vacation is not what I need.  Seeing good friends only once or twice a year and reconnecting was wonderful, as was keeping up with business contacts. I ordered lots of lovely reproduction fabrics for the store and have gotten very excited about the Crossroads line of denim used in the creations of Amy Barickman for Indygo Junction.  Yes, I'm going to make some garments! I especially like the jackets. Can't decide which one to make first...ok, I have time, fabric hasn't arrived yet.
Fall has come to North Texas. Leaves are aren't turning much, we don't have the wonderful color, that other parts of the country enjoy. Our changes won't appear until nearly Christmas, when few leaves are left to turn! We have had a good bit of rain and the air is cooler.
I'm almost ready to start a new page. I've been talking about this for quite a while. There is a contract on my parents house and my first granddaughter is due really soon. I need to renew, energize and focus. While I'll always miss my folks, I won't be miss the burden of caring for their house. UGH!
Wish me luck as hopefully the contract goes through and baby arrives safely.
YES, a new page will open. Stay tuned. I've bought the journal!
Now to go bind 2 baby quilts, make one more changing pad cover and one more sheet.
Until next time~


  1. Nice to see your new fabric! it is gorgeous!!

  2. Your fabric line is so pretty; right up my alley!
    When my parents' house sold, it was a mixed blessing. Glad that they had the income from the sale, but also, other people would be living in the only home I had known, growing up. My mom is gone now, too, and I sure feel for people going through the losses and changes in life. Don't think I realized what it would be like until I experienced it. In other words, I'm thinking of you, and wishing you well.

  3. So happy that you have a new journal as there are many new chapters in your life......the baby will be sweet just as the fabric is sweet. Several pieces will be great for my new love - hexies!

  4. The new fabrics looks fantastic . When and where can I buy it?

  5. Congratulations on the new babies (your latest line and the grandbaby). ;) I hope you get a chance to recharge and renew when you are holding the tiny baby.

  6. I LOVE Catherine's Courtyard--the colors are wonderful. I am also finishing up new grandbaby projects. Bumperpads and dust ruffle are done and now have curtains and pillows to make. It is so fun and I love being surrounded by PINK!
    We're looking forward to having you in Tyler next week for the Quilter's Guild of East Texas program. Some of my friends have been working hard on your Gone to Texas quilt, so I think you're going to see some great show and tell. Just think of coming to Tyler as your little "get-away" to beautiful East Texas!

  7. Your new fabric line is gorgeous, I love the colours, so nice to see that soft turquoise/teal shade, really beautiful!!!!!
    All the very best for the house and the baby arrival!!!!! Take care!!!!

  8. I have been looking for the fabric everywhere and got no help from Newcastle. Can you let me know who stocked it? Thanks